Basic -- Static Set ➔ Zero Line   (Medium)
Allemande Left, Forward & Back, Ladies Chain, Lines (anything) Thru, Pass Thru, Right & Left Thru, Rollaway (With A Half Sashay), Star Thru, U-Turn Back, Wheel & Deal

Couples 4 & 1 Right & Left Thru,

New Couple In Position #1 Go Across The Square,

Star Thru With Couple #3,

Same Ladies Chain,

Other Couples Join The Line (ZL),

Lines Of 4 Forward & Back,

Pass Thru Wheel & Deal,

Center Ladies Chain & Rollaway,

Centers U-Turn Back (ZB),

Left Allemande

(Zero Line)

This is a very different way of setting up a Zero Line. SD Mag 2/1965

Submitted by: Calvin Campbell