C3B -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(anything) Reactivate, Central, Change Your Image, Diagonal Box, Flip Your Lid, Interlocked Counter, Phantom Columns, Split Phantom 1/4 Tag, Split Phantom Boxes, Stimulate (The Column), Twin (Formation)

Heads Travel Thru,

Interlocked Scoot And Counter,

Tandem Twosome, Central Interlocked Counter,

Double Pass Reactivate,

Split Phantom Boxes Inlet,

Split Phantom 1/4 Tags, Scoot & Little,

Twin Phantom Tidal Waves Relay The Shadow,

Phantom Columns Checkmate The Column,

Butterfly Magic Stimulate,

Split Phantom Columns Change Your Image,

Wheel And Left 1/4 Thru,

Flip Your Lid,

Mirror Outlet,

Diagonal Box Mirror Vertical Tag Back,

Bias Circulate & Spread,

Exchange The Boxes,

Left Allemand