C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Hang A, Hang Loose, Interlace (anything) With (anything), Pass The Top, Swing (Chain), Tag Circulate, Tickle, Walk Out To A Column

Heads Pass Out,

Heads Work Stable, All Recycle,

3x1 Leads Wheel The Sea,

Triple Waves Swing And Mix,

3x1 Follow Thru,

Stretch Cycle And Wheel,

Split Phantom Boxes Hang A Right,

Split Phantom Lines Tag Circulate,

Phantom Columns Walk Out To A Wave,

Split Phantom Boxes Walk Out To A Column,

Hang Loose,

Pass The Top,

Swing Chain The Line,

Interlace Recycle With Tickle,

Split Sidetrack,

Left Allemand