C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
Circle By By (anything), Counter Rotate, Linear Action, Siamese, Split Recycle, Tandem, Triple Box, Wheel Fan Thru, Zing

Heads Wheel Fan Thru,

Pass Thru,

Triple Box Touch Quarter,

Triple Box Counter Rotate,

Tandom Extend,

Split Recycle,

All Circulate,

Girls Zing,

Boys Box Counter Rotate,

Siamese Extend,

Siamese Circulate,

Siamese Right Roll To A Wave,

Partner Hinge,

Center 6 Circulate,

(very hard) Linear Action,

Triple Box Trailers (only) Circle By 1/4 By 1/4,

(basicly ignore the boy in the box with phantoms. everyone else is a trailer),

Counter Rotate Centers Twice,

Ends Zing,

Centers 1/4 In And Back Away Home