A2 -- Static Set ➔ Zero Line   (Easy)
Split Counter Rotate

Four Ladies Chain 1/4,

Head Position Left Wheel Thru,

Touch 1/4,

Trade The Wave,

Split Counter Rotate 1/4,

Coordinate (lefty),

Bend The Line

(Zero Line)

Nice idea. You have to be quick on the 4 Ladies Chain 1/4 or the girls will have been gone too far already.
After the Left Wheel Thru I personally prefer a Left Touch 1/4 for a better flow.
The following sequence would have to be changed for the same ending formation like this: Trade Circulate, Trade The Wave, Split Counter Rotate 1/4, Coordinate, Trade Circulate, Bend The Line.
Posted by Frank Heber on 7 June 2005     ID: 40

Submitted by: Lloyd Lewis