Basic -- Singing call (Corner progression)   (Easy)
Run, Dive Thru, Half Sashay, Pass Thru, Promenade Home, Reverse Flutter Wheel, Square Thru (n), Star Thru, Swing (Your Partner|Corner), Swing Thru

Heads Square Thru,

Sides Half Sashay,

Swing Thru,

Boys Run,

Reverse Flutter Wheel,

Star Thru,

Dive Thru,

Centers Pass Thru,

Swing & Promenade

If the Sides Half Sashay while the Heads Square Thru 4 the figure times out
to 60 steps. I like this routine because the Square is turned 90 CCW before
the Swing the Promenade.
Posted by Cal Campbell on 22 July 2016     ID: 889

Submitted by: Stephen Cole