Mainstream -- Singing call (Corner progression)   (Medium)
Scoot Back, Slide Thru

Heads Slide Thru & Left Square Thru 3 Hands,

Split Two, Around One, To A Line,

Bend The Line,

Touch 1/4,

Boys Run,

Right And Left Thru,

Half Sashay,

Touch 1/4,

Scoot Back,

Slide Thru & Promenade Home

the 'Slide Thru & Left Square Thru 3/4' is a neat equivalent to a square thru four - - - the 'Bend The Line' after a 'Split 2, Around 1' flows perfect, never thought of that before, researched this part from Jerry Jestin (Yuma, AZ)

Submitted by: Matthias Knabner