Basic -- Singing call (Corner progression)   ()
Run, Ferris Wheel, Left Swing Thru, Pass Thru, Promenade Home, See Saw, Square Thru (n), Swing (Your Partner|Corner)

Heads Square Thru 4,

See Saw To A Left-Hand Wave,

Left Swing Thru,

Girls Run,

Ferris Wheel,

Centers Pass Thru,

Swing Corner & Promenade Home

I would tend to start with Heads Left Square Thru 4
Timing is a bit short. Might want to consider replacing the Centres Pass Thru with Centres See Saw 1-1/2!
Posted by Tony Collingwood on 15 December 2000     ID: 2
I agree with Tony: HDS LEFT SQUARE THRU ...
Then: LEFT DOSADO (Definitions have changed)to a L.H.WAVE - ... after the FE WHEEL: PASS THRU - BOX THE GNAT - SWING & PROMENADE
Posted by Helmut Reitz on 27 March 2009     ID: 286
The call SEE SAW is to be uned ONLY in conjunction with WALK AROUND THE CORNER according to CallerLab definitions.
Posted by Anndy Turner on 1 February 2014     ID: 724