C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Easy)
File To A Line, Funny, Parallelogram, Peel To A Diamond, Sock It To Me, Turn To A Line

Heads Reverse Flutter Wheel, Sweep 1/4,

File To A Line,


Pass Thru,

Sock It To Me & Roll,

Ladies Peel To A Diamond,

Boys Work Thru The Diamond And Touch 1/4 & Spread,

Funny Hourglass Circulate Twice,

Cut The Hourglass,

Parallelogram In Roll Circulate,

Parallelogram Trade Circulate,

Triple Box Walk & Dodge,

Step & Slide,

Turn To A Line,

Pass Thru,

Wheel & Deal & Roll,


Allemande Left

Submitted by: Lloyd Lewis