Beginners -- Gimmick   (Medium)
(Head|Side) Corners, Circle (Left|Right), Face, Forward & Back, Grand Square, Pass Thru, Promenade Home, Square Thru (n), Swing (Your Partner|Corner), U-Turn Back

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Head Boy, Take Your Corner Forward And Back,

   Same Four Pass Thru, Step Forward, And U Turn Back,

All Circle Left, Once Around (boys are at side position),

Boys Pass Thru, U Turn Back,

Girls Pass Thru, Step Forward, And Face The Girl Beside You,

All Grand Square,

Boys Square Thru 4,

Swing This Girl,

Circle Left,

Swing Your Corner (original Partner),

Promenade Home

"Different" Grand Square, but should be no problem to do.

Submitted by: Heiner Fischle