Basic -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
Allemande Left, Ladies Chain, Promenade, Right & Left Thru, Rollaway (With A Half Sashay), Touch 1/4

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Heads Promenade 1/2,

Sides Right And Left Thru & Rollaway & Backaway,

Heads Right And Left Thru,

Heads Ladies Chain,

Heads Ladies Chain 3/4 (Side boy courtesy turn),

Lines Of 3: Boys Touch 1/4,

Girls Left Touch 1/4,

Bow To Your Corner (or allemande left),


I use to make something fun fore the lonesome boys, like a bellybump, or Yellorock ... The nearest girl. The dancers loves this one

Submitted by: Reine Hjärtström