C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
Wing, Buckle And (anything), Dixie Daisy, Gravitate, Interlace (anything) With (anything), Magic (Line|Wave), Settle Back, Spin Tag The Deucey, Trans-(anything), Turn On

*** not validated *** 

Heads Split Dixie Daisy,

Zig Zag,

Ah So,

Interlace Recoil With Latch On,

Spin Tag The Deucey In,

Finish Coordinate,

Explode The Diamond,

Magic Line Central Team Up,

Ah So,

Turn On,


Trans Reverse Order Turn On,

Tandem Twosome Reach Out,

Outroll Circulate,

1/4 The Deucey,

Settle Back,

Tandem Trade,

Buckle And Right Wing Scoot & Dodge,


Submitted by: Daniel Dietlein