C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(n) By (n), (Solid) Twosome, Go First Class, Phantom Tandem, Reverse Change-O, Scamper, Scoot Apart, Settle Back, Shadow The Column, Stack The Wheel, Turn On

All 4 Couples Rollaway,

Heads Spin The Pulley But Settle Back,

Shadow The Column,

Phantom Tandem Go First Class,

Split Phantom Lines Stretch Stack The Wheel,

Quadruple Column Tandem 1/4 Twosome Latch On,

(12 matrix) 3x3 Scatter Circulate,

Quadruple Box Scoot Apart,

Split Phantom Lines 4x4 Crossfire,

Initially Echo Split Phantom Columns Turn On,


Reverse Change-O (er's) Coordinate,

Cross Trade And Wheel,

Promenade Home