Mainstream -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(anything) On (n-th hand), Cast Off, Centers In, Do Your Part, Face, Jaywalk, Slide Thru, Tag The Line (full)

Heads Touch 1/4,

All Partner Trade,

Just The Boys Put Centers In,

Boys Wheel Around,

Boys Diagonal Pass Thru,

Girl U-Turn Back,

Girls Touch 1/4,

Boys Cast Off 3/4,

Centers Pass The Ocean,

Centers Swing Thru & Cast Off 3/4,

All Tag The Line,

Face Out,

Wheel And Deal,

Girls Wheel Around,

Slide Thru,

Couples Circulate,

Wheel Around,

Chain Down The Line (Opposite Lady Line Out of Sequence),

Pass The Ocean,

Box The Gnat,

R.L.G. On 3rd Hand Promenade Home

Theme Wheel around

Submitted by: Marcel Konath