C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Asymmetric)   (Medium)
(anything) To A Wave, Circle By By (anything), Flip The Line, Make Magic, Plenty, Relay The Shadow, Reverse Explode, Split Square Chain The Top, Swing & Circle, Twist And (anything)

Couples 1 & 4 Half Sashay,

Sides Split Square Chain The Top To A Wave,

Relay The Shadow,

In Roll Circulate,

Explode The Wave,

Twist & Circle By 1/2 By 1/4,

Make Magic,

Centers Peel & Trail,

Swing & Circle 1/4,


Near 4 Slip Swing,

Far 4 Swing Slip,

3/4 Flip The Line & Plenty, Star 1/4,

Very Center Boys Trade,

Chain Reaction & Spread,

Reverse Explode,

Ends Bend,

All 1/4 In Centers Backaway Home

Submitted by: Don Kinnear