C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Asymmetric)   (Medium)
Concentric, Counter Rotate, Cross Chain Thru, Siamese, Square The Bases, Step & Fold

Couples #1 & #4 --1/2 Sashay,

Heads Pass Out,

Pass The Ocean,

Grand Swing Thru,

Concentric Explode,

Square The Bases,

Cross Chain Thru & Girls Roll,

Siamese Boys Face Left,

Siamese Spin The Top,

Siamese Step & Fold,

Girls Zig Zag Boys Partner Hinge,

Swing Thru,

Boys Run,

Wheel & Deal,

Near 4 Zoom,

Peel & Trail,

Bend The Line,

Pass Thru 1/2 Tag,

Ends Counter Rotate,

1/4 In Home

Submitted by: Don Kinnear