C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
3 By 2 Acey Deucey, All 8 Recycle, Concentric, Follow Thru, Inside Triangle, Interrupt, Little, Magic Column, Step & Fold, Swing & Circle, Tandem

Heads Pass The Ocean,

Swing & Circle 1/2 Interrupt After 1/2 With All 8 Recycle,

Scoot & Left Little,

As Couples Follow Thru,

Boys Single Wheel,

3 By 2 Acey Deucey,

Inside Triangle Circulate,

Girls Tandem All Grand Swing Thru,

Boys Concentric Step & Fold,

Magic Column Circulate,

Magic Transfer & Left 1/4 Thru,

Boys Left Trade,


Walk & Dodge,

1/4 In Centers Twice,


Submitted by: Don Kinnear