C4 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(any Tag call) Flow But Criss Cross It, (n) By (n), Alter The Diamond, Create A Diamond, Diamond Outlet, First Choice, Interlocked Phantom Boxes, Mimic, Replace The Column, Snake, Tunnel (anything), Twin (Formation), Use (a) (i.e., Replace Part N)

*** not validated *** 

Heads Swap The Top,

Release Snake,

Split Phantom Boxes First Choice,

Twin Phantom Tidal Lines 4x4 Stable Bend The Line,

Interlocked Phantom Boxes Replace The Column,

Mirror Create A Diamond,

Exchange The Diamonds,

Alter The Diamond,

Initially Use Diamond Outlet In Tag Er's Flow But Criss Cross It,

Mimic Centers Of Columns Tunnel In,