C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Inlet, Reverse Crazy, Reverse Flip The Galaxy, Shazam, Single Bounce

Heads Square Thru 2,

Fan The Top,

Single Bounce The Boys,

Split Circulate,

1/2 Reverse Crazy,

   Reverse Single Rotate 1/4,

Girls Run,

Chain Down The Line,

Slide Thru,

Finish Rotary Spin,

Split Circulate,

Circulate, Boys Go 1 & 1/2,

Squeeze The Hourglass,

Boys Concentric Shazam,

Girls Box Circulate,

Galaxy Circulate,

Reverse Flip The Galaxy,


All 8 Recycle,

Dixie Grand,

Left Allemande (1/2 promenade)

Submitted by: Al Vesper