C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
Bounce, Drop, Grand Chain Eight, Here Comes The Judge, Hubs Trade Back, Offset (C|L|W), Parallelogram, Peel To A Diamond, Reverse Truck, Split Trade Circulate

Heads Left Wheel Thru,

Touch 1/4,

Peel To A Diamond,

Diamond Circulate,

Triple Trade,

Drop Out,

The Axle,

Grand Chain 8,


Reverse Truck,

Reverse Explode,

Offset Lines,

   Here Comes The Judge,

Cross And Turn,

Offset Lines Hubs Trade Back,

Split Trade Circulate,

Girls Run,

Right And Left Thru,

And A Quarter More,


   Couples Circulate,

Parallelogram Centers Trade,

Reverse Truck,

Bounce The Boys,

In Single File Go Dixie Style, L.A

Submitted by: Al Vesper