C2 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Medium)
(anything) & Circle, Drop, Exchange The Diamonds, Hocus Pocus, Lines (anything) Thru, Offset (C|L|W), Parallelogram

Heads Pass The Sea,

Ping Pong Circulate,

   And Circle 1/4,

Drop Left,

Follow Your Neighbor,

1/2 Exchange The Diamonds,

   Chain Thru,

Parallelogram Out Roll Circulate,

Parallelogram Lines Left Chase Thru,

Left 1/2 Tag,

Offset Waves Left Swing Thru,

Offset Waves In Roll Circulate,

Triple Waves Explode The Wave,

Triple Boxes Shakedown,

Chase Left,

Triple Scoot,

Hocus Pocus,

Promenade Home

Submitted by: Al Vesper