C1 -- Static Set ➔ Resolve (Normal sequence)   (Hard)
(anything) To A Wave, Counter Rotate, Dixie Diamond, Interlocked Diamond, Split Recycle, Split Square Chain The Top, Tandem, Triple Box, Zing

Heads Pass In & Pass Thru,

Pass The Ocean,

Single Wheel Three Times,

Tandem Dixie Diamond,

Split Circulate,

Split Counter Rotate,

Girls Split Recycle,

Interlocked Diamond Circulate (girls same spot),

Split Square Chain The Top To A Wave,

1/2 Tag,

Zing & Roll,

Square Thru 4 To A Wave,

Triple Box Counter Rotate,

Peel & Trail & Roll,

Outsides Divide & Pass In,

Centers Backaway Home

Submitted by: Don Kinnear