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Kaye, Carl
 WEB SITE   Altlengbach, Austria
Basic thru Mainstream
Traveling, Recording artist, Party Dances, Community Dance Program (CDP), Festival Sound Service, AKM licensed;
43-2771-436492 (home);
Music license: AKM (Austria). Have been calling since 1980. Own recording studio. Will record (or write) songs on request and send them via traditional mail (on CD/tape in .wav format) or via the internet in MP3 format.

Lechner, Kurt
 Hallwang, Austria
Beginners thru Plus
Callerlab member, ECTA member;
0043 - 662 - 664110 (home);  0043 - 662 - 8689 - 163 (work);
Club caller for the Saltcastle Diamonds

Sobotka, Erich
 Pitten, Austria
Beginners thru Plus
+43 2627 82089 (home);  +43 650 8120074 (mobile);

Unterberger, Michi
 WEB SITE   Bruck an der Mur, Austria
Beginners thru Plus
Full-time, Traveling, ECTA member, AKM licensed;
 +4369910386002 (mobile);
I started calling in 2010. I call for several Clubs in Austria. For example Austyrias, Grazhoppers, Corvinus Dancers and STS2. I'm active member of ECTA. -- Copyright © 2021 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.