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Craig Abercrombie (picture)  WEB SITE   St Helens, Oregon, USA. 
Sharon Murphy Abney (picture)  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Sid Acker (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Steven and Vanessa Ackerman  WEB SITE   Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Brenda Ackerson (picture)   Retired    Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 
Keith Ackerson (picture)   Retired    Batesville, Arkansas, USA. 
Butch Adams (picture)   Deceased    Alexandria, Virginia, USA. 
Dan and Anita Adams  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. 
Guy Adams (picture)   Retired    Rockford, Illinois, USA. 
John Aden (picture)   Deceased    Sevierville, Tennessee, USA. 
Albert E. Aff (picture)  WEB SITE   Hüffelsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Philipp Aff (picture)  WEB SITE   Hueffelsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Johnny Ahysen   Retired    Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. 
Lottie Ainsworth (picture)  WEB SITE   West Monroe, Louisiana, USA. 
Michael Akers  St. Augustine, Florida, USA. 
Jimmy Akin (picture)  San Diego, California, USA. 
Gene Aldridge (picture)  Smyrna, Tennessee, USA. 
Janienne Alexander (picture)  WEB SITE   Tualatin, Oregon, USA. 
Lloyd Alexander  Picayune, Mississippi, USA. 
Mike Amell (picture)  WEB SITE   Concord, California, USA. 
Paul Amor (picture)  WEB SITE  Wales, United Kingdom. 
Bob Amsbury  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Gregg Anderson (picture)  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Ron Anderson  Wheeling, West Virginia, USA. 
Steve Anderson (picture)  Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. 
Bjørn Andersson (picture)  Humlebaek, Denmark. 
Sven Andréason (picture)  WEB SITE   Stockholm, Sweden. 
Kim S. Andreasen (picture)  Helsingoer, Denmark. 
Klaus-Dieter Andrzejczak (picture)   Deceased    Krefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Kristian Ang (Äng)  WEB SITE   Göteborg, Sweden. 
Stefan Anger (picture)  WEB SITE   Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
John N. Anthony  Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Wayne K. and Rita Applegate (picture)  WEB SITE   South Amboy, New Jersey, USA. 
Colin Aram  Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. 
Mike Argue (picture)   Deceased    Merrillville, Indiana, USA. 
Bob Asp (picture)  WEB SITE   Rockton, Illinois, USA. 
Chuck "Charlie" Assell (picture)  WEB SITE   Elburn, Illinois, USA. 
Ernie Auringer  Mankato, Minnesota, USA. 
Ray Ayers  Parker Ford, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Oliver Bücker  Titz, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Don Bachelder (picture)  WEB SITE   Bernardston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Clark Baker (picture)   WEB SITE   Belmont, Massachusetts, USA. 
Gary Baker  Greenacres (Spokane Valley), Washington, USA. 
Sherwin Baker  Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA. 
Randy Baldridge (picture)  Hazelwood, Missouri, USA. 
Wayne Baldwin (picture)  WEB SITE   McKinney, Texas, USA. 
Carl "CBDanceman" Ballou (picture)  WEB SITE   Rogers, Arkansas, USA. 
Bill Baritompa (picture)   Retired    RD 1 Lyttelton, New Zealand. 
Darwin Barker (picture)  WEB SITE   Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 
Doug Barnett (picture)   Retired    Monterey, Tennessee, USA. 
Rod Barngrover (picture)  WEB SITE   Pierson, Florida, USA. 
Barry Bartlette (picture)  WEB SITE   Lolo, Montana, USA. 
Red Bates (picture)  Rangeley, Maine, USA. 
Dan Bebernes  Fairmont, Minnesota, USA. 
Don Beck (picture)  WEB SITE   Chilmark, Massachusetts, USA. 
Marco Becker (picture)  Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Fred Beem (picture)  Deming, New Mexico, USA. 
Larry Belcher (picture)  WEB SITE   Auburn, Alabama, USA. 
Desirey Benavides (picture)  Downey, California, USA. 
Ralf Bender (picture)   WEB SITE   Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Doug Bennett (picture)  WEB SITE   Garland, Texas, USA. 
Scott Bennett (picture)   WEB SITE   Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. 
Andrew Berger (picture)  WEB SITE   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Teresa Berger (picture)  WEB SITE   South Bend, Indiana, USA. 
Beth Berman  Dayton, Ohio, USA. 
Chuck Bermele (picture)  St. Florian, Alabama, USA. 
Christer Bern (picture)  S-371 41 Karlskrona, Sweden. 
Roy Bernier  WEB SITE   Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA. 
Kevin Bersing (picture)  WEB SITE   Arnold, Missouri, USA. 
Brent Besse  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 
George Betts  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Ron and Jan Betzelberger (picture)  Lincoln, Illinois, USA. 
Bo Bierley (picture)  WEB SITE   Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. 
Joerg Biewald (picture)   WEB SITE   Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Charlie Bitter  Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. 
Dean Black (picture)   WEB SITE   Yreka, California, USA. 
Jürg Blaser (picture)  WEB SITE   Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Mike Blohm  Slidell, Louisiana, USA. 
Anders Blom (picture)   Deceased    Mönchengladbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Jacob Bloom (picture)  WEB SITE   Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. 
Lone Blume (picture)  WEB SITE   4180 Sorø, Denmark. 
Juergen Boche (picture)  Friedrichsdorf, Hessen, Germany. 
Carl Bodsford  Elon College, North Carolina, USA. 
David Boggs (picture)  Desert Aire, Washington, USA. 
Vern Boggs (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Ben Bogia  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 
Samantha Marie Booker (picture)  WEB SITE   Southaven, Mississippi, USA. 
Steve Booth  Winter Haven, Florida, USA. 
Paul Booze  Troutville, Virginia, USA. 
Joe Borengasser (picture)   Deceased    Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. 
Jack Borgström (picture)  WEB SITE   Grodinge, Sweden. 
Rick Boswell (picture)   Deceased    Tehachapi, California, USA. 
Fred Bouvier   Deceased    Metairie, Louisiana, USA. 
Bill Boyd (picture)  WEB SITE   Apopka, Florida, USA. 
C.R. Boyd   Deceased    Brazil, Indiana, USA. 
Curt Braffet (picture)  Carlock, Illinois, USA. 
Dane Bragg  Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Michael Braithwaite (picture)  WEB SITE   Augsburg, Bayern, Germany. 
Jim Brandenburg  Newport News, Virginia, USA. 
Mel Branham (picture)  Anaheim, California, USA. 
Andrea Braun (picture)  Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia. 
Asta Bredahl  Terndrup, Denmark. 
Tim Bressinck  WEB SITE   Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Lillian C. Brinkman  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Paul Bristow (picture)  WEB SITE   Ruislip, England, United Kingdom. 
Ken Brittin (picture)  Montgomery, Alabama, USA. 
Wendy Brooks  Roy, Utah, USA. 
Walter Brough (picture)  Hoover, Alabama, USA. 
Barclay Brown  Austell, Georgia, USA. 
Charlie Brown (picture)  Minden, Nevada, USA. 
Colleen Brown (picture)  Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Dave Brown  WEB SITE   Merced, California, USA. 
Don Brown (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Temple, Texas, USA. 
Jimmy Oldguy and Darla Brown (picture)  WEB SITE   Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. 
Kevin Brown  Wildwood, Florida, USA. 
Ron Brown (picture)  Cicero, New York, USA. 
Skip and Betty Ann Brown  Portland, Maine, USA. 
David Browne (picture)   WEB SITE   Auckland, New Zealand. 
Allan Brozek (picture)  Oxford, Connecticut, USA. 
Lottie Buckbee (picture)  Holland, Minnesota, USA. 
Jerry Buckmaster and Zodie Reigel (picture)  Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA. 
Peter Budsky (picture)  Fürth, Hessen, Germany. 
Roger Buettner  Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. 
Bob Bugash (picture)  Dillard, Georgia, USA. 
Hans Joergen Bugge (picture)  WEB SITE   Horsens, Denmark. 
Walter "Walt" Bull (picture)  WEB SITE   Topsham, Maine, USA. 
Torben Bundgaard  WEB SITE   Kjellerup, Denmark. 
Chris Burchfield (picture)  Youngstown, Florida, USA. 
Christine "Chris" Burdick  Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA. 
Carlton "Carl" Burgett (picture)  Severn, Maryland, USA. 
Darryl Burrows (picture)  WEB SITE   Townsville, Queensland, Australia. 
Cecil Burton (picture)  Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jim "BUSHBABY" Bush   Deceased    Cairo, Georgia, USA. 
Jeremy Butler (picture)  Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Scot Byars (picture)  Sacramento, California, USA. 

Al and Renia Calhoun (picture)   Retired    Hillsdale, Ontario, Canada. 
Mike Callahan (picture)  WEB SITE   Spencerport, New York, USA. 
Billy Callaway (picture)  Greeley, Colorado, USA. 
Bob Calton (picture)  West Point, Utah, USA. 
Calvin Campbell (picture)  WEB SITE   Castle Rock, Colorado, USA. 
Charles Campbell  Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA. 
Dan Campbell (picture)  Rome, Georgia, USA. 
Russ Campbell (picture)   Retired    WEB SITE   Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 
Pat Cannon (picture)  WEB SITE   Sloatsburg, New York, USA. 
Chuck Carles   Retired    Logan, Utah, USA. 
Stefan Carlsson (picture)  WEB SITE   Trelleborg, Sweden. 
John Carlton (picture)  WEB SITE   San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Tim Carman (picture)  Lanesville, Indiana, USA. 
Jerry Carmen (picture)  Spencerport, New York, USA. 
Pat and Monica Carnathan (picture)  WEB SITE   Menifee, California, USA. 
Tommy Carpenter  Lamesa, Texas, USA. 
Mary "Mary" Castleberry (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Dave Caswell  Greenacres, Washington, USA. 
Leo and Rochelle Catt (picture)  Ramona, California, USA. 
Missy Causey (picture)   Deceased    Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Les Centers  Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA. 
Thomas Cerrone (picture)  N Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
John Charman (picture)  WEB SITE   St-Albert, Ontario, Canada. 
Bill Chase  Lansing, Michigan, USA. 
Jim "Who" Cholmondeley   Deceased    Chesterfield, Missouri, USA. 
Adam Christman (picture)  WEB SITE   Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Edward E. Claflin  Gothenburg, Nebraska, USA. 
Dan Clairmont (picture)  WEB SITE   Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Dennis Clark (picture)  WEB SITE   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Tork Clark (picture)  WEB SITE   Gilroy, California, USA. 
Bernie Clarke  Kinson, England, United Kingdom. 
Robert "Bob" Clarkson  Gladstone, Missouri, USA. 
Mark Clausing (picture)  Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 
Dave Clay (picture)  Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. 
Lorne Clayton (picture)  WEB SITE   Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 
Skip Cleland (picture)  WEB SITE   Decatur, Alabama, USA. 
Ted and Karen Clements (picture)  WEB SITE   Vado, New Mexico, USA. 
Daryl and Yvonne Clendenin (picture)  WEB SITE   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Dick Click   Retired    Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 
Douglas Cline (picture)  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Nick Cline (picture)  Woodbridge, Virginia, USA. 
Bob Clinebell  Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Tom Clymer  Wenatchee, Washington, USA. 
Bill "Cherokee" Cochran (picture)  Mountain View, Missouri, USA. 
James "Jammer" Cochran  Mountain View, Missouri, USA. 
Annemarie Cohen  WEB SITE   Sauverny, France. 
Jerry Cokewell (picture)  WEB SITE   Gaylord, Michigan, USA. 
Stan Cole (picture)   Deceased    Oakhurst, California, USA. 
Stephen Cole  Gainesville, Texas, USA. 
Dave Colestock (picture)  WEB SITE   New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA. 
John Colwell (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Don Cook  Springfield, Missouri, USA. 
Janet and Frank Cook  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
John Cook  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Willis Cook (picture)   Retired    Carnesville, Georgia, USA. 
Scott Coon (picture)  Monroe, Washington, USA. 
Dave Cooper and Patty Reese  WEB SITE   Prineville, Oregon, USA. 
Danny Corchero  Jackson, California, USA. 
Sandy Corey (picture)  WEB SITE   Hopewell Jct., New York, USA. 
Mike Corns (picture)   Deceased    St. Peters, Missouri, USA. 
John Corrigan  Delta, British Columbia, Canada. 
Jim Cosman (picture)  Woodbine, Georgia, USA. 
Paul Cote (picture)  WEB SITE   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Clyde Couch (picture)  Cartersville, Georgia, USA. 
Ron Counts  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Pamela Courts (picture)  Batavia, Ohio, USA. 
David O. "Doc" and Donna Cox  Mint Hill, North Carolina, USA. 
David Cox (picture)  Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. 
Jim Cox  Forest Park, Ohio, USA. 
Michael Cox (picture)  WEB SITE   Ruskin, Florida, USA. 
Don Coy (picture)  WEB SITE   Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
Kevin Cozad (picture)  Centreville, Alabama, USA. 
Tim Crawford (picture)  WEB SITE   Burlington, Ontario, Canada. 
Ross Crawshaw-Lopton (picture)  WEB SITE   North Salt Lake, Utah, USA. 
Tom Crisp (picture)  WEB SITE   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Sean Crist (picture)  WEB SITE   Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. 
Alan Crosman  Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Dick Crouse (picture)  WEB SITE   Palatine, Illinois, USA. 
Ken Crowley   Deceased    Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA. 
Shawn Cuddy   Retired    Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA. 
Clyde Cullings (picture)  WEB SITE   Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA. 
Max Cumberworth  Ithaca, Michigan, USA. 
Adam Cumming (picture)  WEB SITE   Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Rob Cunningham (picture)   WEB SITE   Bakersfield, California, USA. 
Michael Curschmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Niederwiesa, Sachsen, Germany. 
KC Curtis  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Bud Cutter  WEB SITE   Fenton, Missouri, USA. 
Ed Czech (picture)  WEB SITE   Winamac, Indiana, USA. 

Tom Dakers (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Brian Dalton (picture)  Nelson, New Zealand. 
Gary Davis  Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Jim and Beth Davis (picture)  WEB SITE   Saginaw, Michigan, USA. 
Tom Davis (picture)  Xenia, Ohio, USA. 
Trevor Day (picture)  Carnforth, England, United Kingdom. 
Dave Decot (picture)  Santa Clara, California, USA. 
Patrick Demerath (picture)  Montgomery, Alabama, USA. 
Stephen E. Desrosiers Vermont, USA. 
Don Di Pirro (picture)   Deceased    Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Steve Diederichs (picture)  Broseley, England, United Kingdom. 
Kenneth Diesburg (picture)  Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. 
Daniel Dietlein (picture)  Kempten, Bayern, Germany. 
Gail Dietz (picture)   Deceased    Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. 
Jim Diffey (picture)   Deceased    Vacaville, California, USA. 
Victor L. "Vic" Diller New  Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA. 
Jim Dodd  Huntsville, Missouri, USA. 
Edward "Ed" Dolson (picture)  London, Ontario, Canada. 
Andrew DonDero  WEB SITE   Lowman, New York, USA. 
Neil Dorey  New Germany, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)  WEB SITE   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 
Mike and Mary Doughty (picture)  WEB SITE   Jensen Beach, Florida, USA. 
Buddy Dow  Center Conway, New Hampshire, USA. 
Tracey Dowell  McCaulley, Texas, USA. 
Velma Doyle (picture)  Groveport, Ohio, USA. 
Mike Driscoll (picture)   WEB SITE   Burnsville, Minnesota, USA. 
Dick Duckham (picture)   Deceased    Marshall, Michigan, USA. 
Joey Duhamel (picture)  Star City, Arkansas, USA. 
George Dunbar  St. Peters, Missouri, USA. 
Jim Duncan (picture)  Otto, North Carolina, USA. 
Joseph and Peggy Dungan (picture)  Westminster, South Carolina, USA. 
Larry Dunn (picture)   Deceased    Kenmore, New York, USA. 
Sam Dunn (picture)  WEB SITE   Sebring, Florida, USA. 
Karen Dunnam (picture)   WEB SITE   Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Sunny Duprey (picture)  Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA. 
Ron Durkee   Retired    Burbank, California, USA. 
Tom Duryea (picture)  WEB SITE   Floresville, Texas, USA. 
Michael Dusoe  WEB SITE   Chelsea, Maine, USA. 
Roy Dutton (picture)  Carbon Hill, Alabama, USA. 
Steve DuVal  Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. 
David Dvorak (picture)  Praha (Prague), Czech Republic. 

Wil Eades (picture)   Deceased    Vista, California, USA. 
Nelda M. Eaton  WEB SITE   New Boston, Texas, USA. 
Evelyn and Dieter Eden (picture)  Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Adam Edson  Springfield, Virginia, USA. 
George Edwards  Hale, Michigan, USA. 
Herb Edwards  Chillicothe, Illinois, USA. 
Steve Egeland (picture)  Estherville, Iowa, USA. 
Steve Ekin (picture)  Vero Beach, Florida, USA. 
Tim Eld  Nampa, Idaho, USA. 
Bob Elling (picture)  San Leandro, California, USA. 
Graham Elliott (picture)  WEB SITE   Seaton, South Australia, Australia. 
Bob Ellis   Deceased    Zephyrhills, Florida, USA. 
Jimmy Ellis (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Dean Emery (picture)  WEB SITE   Mobile, Alabama, USA. 
Deanne and Jim Emory (picture)  WEB SITE   Westbury, New York, USA. 
Jim Emory (picture)  WEB SITE   Westbury, New York, USA. 
Donnalee and Tony England  Ogden, Utah, USA. 
Dave Eno (picture)  Preble, New York, USA. 
Phil Eno  Martville, New York, USA. 
Mark Epperson  Panora, Iowa, USA. 
Thomas Erben (picture)  WEB SITE   Fuerth, Bayern, Germany. 
Bengt Ericsson (picture)   Deceased    S-641 53 Katrineholm, Sweden. 
John Eubanks (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Bob Ewing (picture)   Retired    Springfield, Oregon, USA. 
Su Eygabroad (picture)  Palm Desert, California, USA. 
Bill Eyler (picture)  WEB SITE   Cathedral City, California, USA. 

Joseph "Cornbread" Fabian Jr  WEB SITE   Frankfort, Maine, USA. 
Charlie Fagan (picture)   WEB SITE   Torrance, California, USA. 
Adam Fanello (picture)  WEB SITE   Silverado, California, USA. 
Bob J. Farnell (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Kenny Farris (picture)  WEB SITE   Laurel, Maryland, USA. 
Greg Fawell (picture)  WEB SITE   Perth, Swan Valley, Western Australia, Australia. 
Abe Feldman (picture)  Washington, District of Columbia, USA. 
Todd Fellegy (picture)  Meriden, Connecticut, USA. 
Gordon Fenton   Deceased    Wenatchee, Washington, USA. 
Wesley Fenton  New Madison, Ohio, USA. 
George Ferguson  Westland, Michigan, USA. 
Robert Ferguson  Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. 
Robert "Bob" Fiddes   Retired    Just outside of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Eddie Fields  Salmon, Idaho, USA. 
Andy Finch (picture)  WEB SITE   North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Heiner Fischle (picture)  WEB SITE   Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Ken Fish (picture)  Carlisle, Ohio, USA. 
Dean Fisher (picture)   WEB SITE   Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. 
Gene and Helen Fitta   Deceased    Bel Air, Maryland, USA. 
W.H. "Fitz" Fitzgerald  Quinton, Virginia, USA. 
Larry Fitzpatrick  Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA. 
Warren Fleming (picture)   WEB SITE   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 
Kerry Fletcher  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Ray A. Flick  Oxnard, California, USA. 
Jay and Jill Flowers (picture)  WEB SITE   League City, Texas, USA. 
Milt Floyd (picture)   Deceased     WEB SITE   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 
Lars Foged (picture)  Holstebro, Denmark. 
Ed Foote (picture)  WEB SITE   Wexford, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Mel and Carol Ford  Casper, Wyoming, USA. 
Mark Foster  Bristol, Tennessee, USA. 
Herb Franklin (picture)  WEB SITE   Ladson, South Carolina, USA. 
Al Frazier (picture)  Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Brian Freed (picture)  WEB SITE   Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. 
Kenny Freeman (picture)  Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Max Fris (picture)   WEB SITE   Brabrand, Denmark. 
Chris Froggatt (picture)  WEB SITE   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 
Lurita Fugier (picture)  Hermosa, South Dakota, USA. 
Don Furnish  Parker, Colorado, USA. 
Robert LeRoy "Bob" Furr (picture)  Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 
Jeff Futter (picture)  WEB SITE   Riverton, Wyoming, USA. 
Jayden Fyrgios  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 

Darren Gallina (picture)   WEB SITE   Lompoc, California, USA. 
Andy and Tricia Garboden (picture)  WEB SITE   Maple Valley, Washington, USA. 
Jeff Garbutt (picture)  Australind, Western Australia, Australia. 
Henry "Hank Hoedown" and Barbara Garfath (picture)  WEB SITE   Winchester, England, United Kingdom. 
Kate Garrison  Mascoutah, Illinois, USA. 
Kip Garvey (picture)  WEB SITE   Pioneer, California, USA. 
Diane Gaskill (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Oren A. Jr. and Lew Gaskill  Bellingham, Washington, USA. 
Tony Gaskill  Steger, Illinois, USA. 
Hans-Gerd Gasser (picture)  Schwaebisch Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Don Gauci (picture)   WEB SITE   Hocking, Western Australia, Australia. 
Bob Gaunt (picture)  WEB SITE   Arvada, Colorado, USA. 
Richard W. Gee (picture)  Taylorsville, Utah, USA. 
John Geen (picture)  WEB SITE   San Angelo, Texas, USA. 
Corben Geis (picture)  WEB SITE   Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Bengt Geleff (picture)  Falkenberg, Sweden. 
Markus Gensberger (picture)  WEB SITE   Muenchen / Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Thorsten Geppert (picture)  Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Rich Gierman (picture)  Spreckels, California, USA. 
Jerry Gilbreath (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Mike Gilden   Deceased    Aiken, South Carolina, USA. 
Bryan D. Gill  Stade, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Mary Gingell (picture)  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Bill "Tex" Gipson (picture)  WEB SITE   Anaheim, California, USA. 
Rick Gittelman (picture)  WEB SITE   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Ed Gloodt   Retired    Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA. 
David Goebel (picture)   WEB SITE   Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Paul and Holly Gonseth  Selah, Washington, USA. 
Joe Gonzalez (picture)  Clovis, California, USA. 
Aaron Goodman (picture)  Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 
Bill "Yodeling" Gordon (picture)  Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Mike Gormley (picture)  WEB SITE   Sebring, Florida, USA. 
Jerry Goshorn  Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Clay Goss  WILMINGTON, Delaware, USA. 
Betsy Gotta (picture)  WEB SITE   North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. 
Larry Gow   Deceased    Sebring, Florida, USA. 
Berlon Graham  Shalimar, Florida, USA. 
Dan and Margaret Graham (picture)  WEB SITE   Winchester, Kentucky, USA. 
Doc Gray   Deceased    Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA. 
Tom Gray (picture)  Leduc, Alberta, Canada. 
Al Green  WEB SITE   York, England, United Kingdom. 
Patty Greene (picture)  WEB SITE   Monroe, North Carolina, USA. 
Bill Greenen  Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Shane and Missy Greer  Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA. 
Ernie Griffin (picture)  Morris, Georgia, USA. 
Jerry Griffin  Saltillo, Mississippi, USA. 
Dick Grisham (picture)  Surprise, Arizona, USA. 
Henry Grissett Jr. (picture)  Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Markus Grossmann (picture)  Butzbach, Hessen, Germany. 
Al "Tall Caller" Groth (picture)  Codorus, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Dominic Gruetzmacher (picture)  Schofield, Wisconsin, USA. 
Warren Gruetzmacher   Retired    Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. 
Gabriele Grywatz (picture)  WEB SITE   Preetz, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Monte and Patty Guenzler  Rochester, Minnesota, USA. 
Lelia Guilbert (picture)  WEB SITE   Mitchell, South Dakota, USA. 
Dave Guille  Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. 

Peter Höfelmeyer (picture)  WEB SITE   Stoltenberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Jörgen Höjer  WEB SITE   Fjärås, Sweden. 
Jerry Haag (picture)  Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. 
Guido Haas (picture)  WEB SITE   Großhansdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Stephen R. and Lisa Hackman  Gibbon, Nebraska, USA. 
Steve Hackman (picture)  Kansas City, Kansas, USA. 
Lee Hailey (picture)  Glendale, Arizona, USA. 
Alan and Marcy Hall  Ringgold, Georgia, USA. 
Chuck Hall (picture)   WEB SITE   Apple Valley, California, USA. 
Mike Hall (picture)  WEB SITE   Pharr, Texas, USA. 
Sharron and Wayne Hall (picture)  St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. 
Terry Halley  Gresham, Oregon, USA. 
Ralph Halsall  Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. 
Gene Hammond (picture)  Hubbard, Ohio, USA. 
Rick Hampton (picture)   WEB SITE   Visalia, California, USA. 
Jerry Handley (picture)  Berry, Alabama, USA. 
Don Haney (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Tommy Hankins  Bastrop, Louisiana, USA. 
Jon Hansell Nilsson (picture)  WEB SITE   Malmö, Sweden. 
Ulli Hantke (picture)  WEB SITE   Würzburg, Bayern, Germany. 
Mike Hardin  Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
Chuck Hardy (picture)  WEB SITE   Stone Ridge, New York, USA. 
Gerry Hardy (picture)  WEB SITE   Stone Ridge, New York, USA. 
Neil and Rachel Harnar  Newton Falls, Ohio, USA. 
Ron Harris  La Habra, California, USA. 
Sandy Harris  WEB SITE   Albany, Oregon, USA. 
Bill Harrison (picture)  WEB SITE   Cheltenham, Maryland, USA. 
Tom Harrison  Ovalo, Texas, USA. 
Dave Harry (picture)  WEB SITE   Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
Eddie Harry (picture)  Kent, Washington, USA. 
Nick and Dee Hartley (picture)  Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Fred Hartwell  littleton, Colorado, USA. 
Art Harvey (picture)  Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. 
Dave "Hash" Hass (picture)   Deceased    East Hampton, Connecticut, USA. 
Greg Hatmaker (picture)  Big Rock, Tennessee, USA. 
Cindy Hawley  East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, USA. 
Michael and Heather Haworth (picture)  WEB SITE   Lake Elsinore, California, USA. 
Johnny Hayes (picture)  Mojacar Almeria, Spain. 
Bill Haynes (picture)  WEB SITE   Gilbert, Arizona, USA. 
Steve Hays  Oregon City, Oregon, USA. 
Peter Heath  Parafield Gardens, South Australia, Australia. 
Frank Heber (picture)  Oberkrämer OT Bötzow, Brandenburg, Germany. 
Terry "Funky" Hebert (picture)  WEB SITE   Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 
Astrid Heckmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Bergisch Gladbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
David Heffron (picture)   WEB SITE   Novelty, Ohio, USA. 
Walt Helgesen (picture)  WEB SITE   Granbury, Texas, USA. 
Don Helliwell (picture)  Auckland, New Zealand. 
Bill Helms (picture)   Deceased    Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Ken and Joanne Helton  Yalaha, Florida, USA. 
Palma Heming (picture)  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Juergen L. "Hoss" Hemm (picture)  WEB SITE   Pretzfeld, Bayern, Germany. 
Barry Hendricks   Retired    Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Eric Henerlau (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Corte Madera, California, USA. 
Bill Henke (picture)  Summerset, South Dakota, USA. 
Andreas Hennecke Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Nikki Hensley (picture)  Newark, California, USA. 
Paul Henze  Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. 
Amanda Herdt (picture)  Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. 
George Hermann  Gresham, Oregon, USA. 
Randy Herpin (picture)  Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. 
Clyde Herron Jr.  Water Valley, Mississippi, USA. 
Galen Hibbard  Stryker, Ohio, USA. 
Chuck and Chris Hicks  High Point, North Carolina, USA. 
Loren & Audrey "Hoss" Hildebrand  Leaf River, Illinois, USA. 
Carl Hill   Deceased    Carrollton, Virginia, USA. 
Jerry and Juliann Hill   Retired    Lakeview, Arkansas, USA. 
Diana and Albert Hilliard (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Ray Hilton  Saco, Maine, USA. 
Ronnie Himes  Gun Barrel City, Texas, USA. 
Bill Hinkley (picture)  Mesquite, Texas, USA. 
Al Hipkins (picture)  WEB SITE   Brunswick, Maine, USA. 
Reine Hjärtström (picture)  Helsingborg, Sweden. 
Dayle Hodge (picture)  Columbia, MD, Maryland, USA. 
Erik Hoffman (picture)  WEB SITE   Oakland, California, USA. 
Howard and Anna Hoffman  Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. 
Steve Hoffman  Mt. Pleasant, Texas, USA. 
Thomas Hoffmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Heidesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Chi Chi Hoffner-Stolarick  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Mike Hogan (picture)  La Vista, Nebraska, USA. 
Frank Holland (picture)  WEB SITE   Mooresville, North Carolina, USA. 
Myron Hollatz (picture)  Morris, Minnesota, USA. 
Jeff Holley (picture)  WEB SITE   Crescent, Oklahoma, USA. 
Calvin Hollis (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Lynn Holloway (picture)  Southampton, England, United Kingdom. 
John Holman (picture)  Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA. 
Doug Holmes (picture)  WEB SITE   Queensville, Ontario, Canada. 
Kirsten Holst Denmark. 
Steve Holzhausen  Loganville, Georgia, USA. 
Ken Hooke  Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. 
Dan Hopper  Gillette, Wyoming, USA. 
Dale Hoppers (picture)  WEB SITE   Mission Hills, California, USA. 
'Wild' Bill and Jenney Horst (picture)   Deceased    Winnetka, California, USA. 
Carol Hosch (picture)  Meridian, Mississippi, USA. 
Brian Hotchkies (picture)  Kanwal, New South Wales, Australia. 
Dave Houlihan (picture)  Augusta, Georgia, USA. 
Jim Howard (picture)  WEB SITE   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Keith Howard  Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. 
Richard Howell  Savannah, Georgia, USA. 
Denny Howlett  Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada. 
Ursina Huber (picture)  WEB SITE   Triesen, Liechtenstein. 
Thorsten Hubmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Niederkassel, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Angie and Bob Huckeby  Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA. 
Kim Huell  Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Bob and Lois Huff (picture)  WEB SITE   Holts Summit, Missouri, USA. 
Wayne Huggins (picture)  WEB SITE   Alvord, Texas, USA. 
Skip Hughes  Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 
Ted Hughes  St Petersburg, Florida, USA. 
Peter Humphries (picture)  WEB SITE   Dandenong North, Victoria, Australia. 
Donna Hunt (picture)  WEB SITE   Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Allan Hurst (picture)   WEB SITE   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Bent Husted (picture)  Silkeborg, Denmark. 
Lou Hyll   Deceased    Dayton, Ohio, USA. 

Paul Ingis (picture)  WEB SITE   Hillsdale, New Jersey, USA. 
Henry Israel (picture)   Retired    Yukon, Oklahoma, USA. 
Grant Ito (picture)  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Ted Ivin  London, England, United Kingdom. 

Markus Jähne (picture)  WEB SITE   Hilzingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Leif Jörgensen  Fredensborg, Denmark. 
Marianne C. Jackson (picture)  WEB SITE   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Egbert Jacobs  Millbank, Ontario, Canada. 
Mike Jacobs (picture)   Deceased    Hamilton, New Jersey, USA. 
Steve Jacques (picture)   Deceased    Catonsville, Maryland, USA. 
Kenny "Little Enis" Jarvis (picture)  WEB SITE   Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
Chuck Jaworski   Deceased    Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
KO Jeanes (picture)  WEB SITE   Spring, Texas, USA. 
Kris Jensen (picture)  WEB SITE   Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Maryanne Godthelp Jensen (picture)  Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Doug Jernigan (picture)  Trenton, South Carolina, USA. 
Michael Joergensen (picture)   WEB SITE   Copenhagen V., Denmark. 
Alex Johannisson (picture)  WEB SITE   Donaueschingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Anna Johansson (picture)  WEB SITE   Stockholm, Sweden. 
Aaron Johnson  Hofheim, Hessen, Germany. 
Barry Johnson (picture)  Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA. 
Janet Johnson (picture)  Nowra, New South Wales, Australia. 
Jimmy Johnson (picture)  Austin, Texas, USA. 
Lance Johnson  Rhinelander, Wisconsin, USA. 
Lawrence Johnstone (picture)   WEB SITE   Ukiah, California, USA. 
Barry Jolliff (picture)  WEB SITE   Wooster, Ohio, USA. 
Bob Jones (picture)  Troy, Ohio, USA. 
Greg Jones (picture)  WEB SITE   Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 
Johnny Jones (picture)   Deceased    Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. 
Vernon Jones (picture)  WEB SITE   Springtown, Texas, USA. 
Chuck and Marguerite Jordan  Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. 
George Jordan (picture)  WEB SITE   Staunton, Virginia, USA. 
Ken Jordan (picture)  Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Detlev Junker  WEB SITE   Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 

Joel Kadish (picture)   Deceased    Fremont, California, USA. 
Jan Kador (picture)  Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Al Kaesler  Green Mountain, North Carolina, USA. 
Heinz Kaikl (picture)   WEB SITE   Geiersthal, Bayern, Germany. 
Gerhard Kamm (picture)  Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Philipp Kamm (picture)  Bruchsal-Heidelsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Bill Kanai (picture)  Lake Lotawana, Missouri, USA. 
Tim Kane  Molalla, Oregon, USA. 
Larry Kanniard (picture)  Camden-Wyoming, Delaware, USA. 
Brett Kappenman (picture)  WEB SITE   Renton, Washington, USA. 
Kappie and Aileen Kappenman (picture)  WEB SITE   Maple Valley (Seattle Suburb), Washington, USA. 
Lars-Inge Karlsson (picture)  Middelfart, Denmark. 
Jerry Kasper   Deceased    Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Pete Kasper (picture)  Herndon, Virginia, USA. 
Arlene Kaspik  Carpentersville, Illinois, USA. 
Carl Kaye (picture)  WEB SITE   Altlengbach, Austria. 
Darin Keith (picture)  WEB SITE   Nampa, Idaho, USA. 
George and Allie Keith  Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. 
Trent Keith   Deceased    Millington, Tennessee, USA. 
Chris Keller  WEB SITE   Kelkheim, Hessen, Germany. 
Hunter Keller (picture)  WEB SITE   Billings, Montana, USA. 
Janolyn Keller (picture)  WEB SITE   Quilcene, Washington, USA. 
Stefie Keller (picture)  Roedermark, Hessen, Germany. 
Carol and Tom Kelly (picture)  Ludington, Michigan, USA. 
Carol Kelly (picture)  Zephyrhills, Florida, USA. 
Mike Kelly (picture)   Deceased    Richmond, Missouri, USA. 
Pat and Bob Kelm (picture)  WEB SITE   Montello, Wisconsin, USA. 
Robert W. Kennedy (picture)  WEB SITE   Liberty, North Carolina, USA. 
Ted Kennedy (picture)  WEB SITE   Grand Bay, Alabama, USA. 
George Kent  Lake Haven, New South Wales, Australia. 
John Kephart (picture)  WEB SITE   San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Ed Kerns  Orefield, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Harlan Kerr (picture)  San Francisco, California, USA. 
Jay King  Van Buren, Arkansas, USA. 
Ernie Kinney (picture)   Deceased    Fresno, California, USA. 
Jack Kirchgatter (picture)  WEB SITE   Wallertheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Michael Kissel (picture)  WEB SITE   Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Claudia Kloid (picture)  Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Sven Klusacek-Siemens (picture)   WEB SITE   Voerde, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Matthias Knabner (picture)  WEB SITE   Unterneuses, Bayern, Germany. 
David Knien (picture)  Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
Reggie Kniphfer (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. 
Alfred Knoppe (picture)  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Bob Knowles (picture)  Tehachapi, California, USA. 
Ingeborg Koerber-Luecker  Bergheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Dan and Kathy Koft (picture)  WEB SITE   York, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Ralf Kollmeyer (picture)  WEB SITE   Hannover/Wedemark, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Marcel Konath (picture)  Leimen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Steve Kopman (picture)  WEB SITE   Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. 
Ralph B. Kornegay (picture)  Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. 
Joe Koschig (picture)  WEB SITE   Monheim am Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
John Kozyra  Harrogate, England, United Kingdom. 
Klaus-Peter and Renate Krüger (picture)  WEB SITE   Minden, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Larry Kraber (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Hans Krackau (picture)  WEB SITE   Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 
Uwe UKA "KA" Kraemer-AveMarie (picture)  WEB SITE   Mörlenbach, Hessen, Germany. 
Rod Krehbiel  Hutchinson/Pretty Prairie, Kansas, USA. 
Ed Kremers (picture)  Oakdale, California, USA. 
Joe S. Kromer (picture)  WEB SITE   VS-Tannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Martin Kromer (picture)  WEB SITE   Kirchheim a.N., Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Wendy Krueger (picture)  Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. 
Rob Krum (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Wayne Kubicek (picture)  Owatonna, Minnesota, USA. 
Lorenz Kuhlee and Anja Berger (picture)  WEB SITE   Bischofsheim, Hessen, Germany. 
Ed Kuidis (picture)  WEB SITE   Vacaville, California, USA. 
Joe Kula   Retired    Fair Oaks, California, USA. 
Dick Kurtz  Gloucester, Virginia, USA. 
Joyce Kutz (picture)  Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA. 
Robert Kutz  Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 

Nelson Labor   Retired    Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Burl Lally  Wimauma (Sun City Center), Florida, USA. 
Francois J. Lamoureux  Henderson, Nevada, USA. 
Joe Landi  Beesley's Point, New Jersey, USA. 
Frank Lane (picture)   Deceased    Estes Park, Colorado, USA. 
Richard Lane (picture)  WEB SITE   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Terry Langley  Shipley, England, United Kingdom. 
Denny Lantz (picture)  Medford, Oregon, USA. 
Tommy P. Larsen (picture)  Borre, Denmark. 
Lloyd Larson (picture)  Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Barbara Lassiter  WEB SITE   Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA. 
Stephen Daye Lassiter (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Peter Laubach (picture)  WEB SITE   Waabs, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Ed Laudenschlager (picture)  Galloway, Ohio, USA. 
George Lavender (picture)  Valdosta, Georgia, USA. 
Art Lavigne (picture)  WEB SITE   Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. 
Sheldon L. Lawrence (picture)  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Roy Leber (picture)   Deceased    Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Tommy L. Lee (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Walt Leftwich Jr. (picture)  Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA. 
Ron Legters  Kenmore, Washington, USA. 
Wolfgang Leisten (picture)  WEB SITE   Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Frank and Debbi Lescrinier (picture)   WEB SITE   Fullerton, California, USA. 
Larry Letson (picture)   Retired    McAllen, Texas, USA. 
Ron Levesque  New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. 
Seth Levine (picture)  WEB SITE   Tempe, Arizona, USA. 
Michael Levy (picture)  WEB SITE   San Francisco, California, USA. 
Brian and Audrae Lewis  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 
Jack Lewis (picture)  Boynton Beach, Florida, USA. 
Janet Lewis (picture)  Brownstown, Indiana, USA. 
Lloyd Glenn "Lloydtheboat" Lewis (picture) Updated   Deceased    Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Terry Lewis  RR 1 Barton , Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Ron Libby (picture)  WEB SITE   Summerfield, Florida, USA. 
Dave Lightly (picture)   Deceased    Waukee, Iowa, USA. 
Lon Ligon (picture)  WEB SITE   Gainesville, Florida, USA. 
Lisa Lincoln (picture)  WEB SITE   Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. 
Harry Lindegren (picture)  WEB SITE   Ronneby, Sweden. 
Jim Lindenfeld  Spring, Texas, USA. 
Søren Lindergaard (picture)  WEB SITE   Helsingør, Denmark. 
Jerry Linduff (picture)  WEB SITE   Moore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Darryl Lipscomb (picture)  WEB SITE   Mission, Texas, USA. 
Dave and Claudia Littlefair (picture)  Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. 
Bob Livingston  Middletown, Connecticut, USA. 
Jim and Rita Lizakowski (picture)  WEB SITE   Moorhead, North Dakota, USA. 
Ted and Shelly Lizotte (picture)  WEB SITE   Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. 
Lorne Lockrey   Retired    Southampton, Ontario, Canada. 
Grant Logan (picture)   Deceased    Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Paul Long  Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia. 
Kelvin Love  Christchurch, New Zealand. 
Andy Lown  North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia. 
Bill Lowry  Middletown, Indiana, USA. 
Bruce Lowther (picture)  WEB SITE   Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Bob Loyd   Retired    Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA. 
Mike Luna (picture)  WEB SITE   San Jose, California, USA. 
Klaus Lund (picture)  WEB SITE   Aakirkeby, Denmark. 
Bill Lundin (picture)  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Melton Lee and Sue Luttrell (picture)  Aledo, Texas, USA. 
Otis Lutz (picture)  WEB SITE   Melbourne, Florida, USA. 
Jerry E. Lynn (picture)   Deceased    Fort Hood, Texas, USA. 
Tom Lynn  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. 

Michelle Mabie (McCarty) (picture)   Retired    Gansevoort, New York, USA. 
Andreas Macke  Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 
Mike MacKenna  Leander, Texas, USA. 
Tom Mackler (picture)  WEB SITE   St. Lubin de la Haye, France. 
Birthe Madsen  Skørping, Denmark. 
Dave Magee (picture)  Coldwater, Michigan, USA. 
Homer Magnet (picture)  WEB SITE   Minford, Ohio, USA. 
Wayne Mahathey (picture)  Arab, Alabama, USA. 
Gary Mahnken (picture)  WEB SITE   Corder, Missouri, USA. 
Richard "Rick" Manning (picture)  Westminster, California, USA. 
Paul E. Marcum (picture)  Nashville, Tennessee, USA. 
Ron Markus (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Tim Marriner (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA. 
Don Marshall  Oakland, Oregon, USA. 
John Marshall (picture)  WEB SITE   Sterling, Virginia, USA. 
Nick Martellacci (picture)   WEB SITE   Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
James Martin (picture)   Retired    Houston, Texas, USA. 
John Marus (picture)  San Diego, California, USA. 
Vincent Masciarelli  WEB SITE   Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Chuck Mashburn (picture)   Deceased    Augusta, Georgia, USA. 
Giulio Massarotto  Perth, Western Australia, Australia. 
Doyce and Kay Massey  Ennis, Texas, USA. 
Carrie Masters  WEB SITE   Olympia, Washington, USA. 
Gilbert "Gib" and Marian Mattson (picture)  Vero Beach, Florida, USA. 
Jerry and Donna Maurice (picture)  Deerfield, New Hampshire, USA. 
Brent Mawdsley (picture)  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Mike Mayeux  Hemphill, Texas, USA. 
Jim Mayo (picture)  Hampstead, New Hampshire, USA. 
Dick Mazziotti  Hillsdale, New Jersey, USA. 
Ett McAtee (picture)  WEB SITE  Maryland, USA. 
Pat and Wanda McBride  Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Doren McBroom (picture)  Manchester, Maryland, USA. 
Mac McCall (picture)  Fairfax, Virginia, USA. 
Doug McCart (picture)  Corydon, Iowa, USA. 
Dale "Mac" McClary (picture)  WEB SITE   Melbourne, Florida, USA. 
Barrie McCombs (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Jackie and Susan McCorkle (picture)  Rocky Face, Georgia, USA. 
Dennis McCormack   Deceased    Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Richard L. "Rich" and Carolyn McCoy (picture)  WEB SITE   Ossian, Indiana, USA. 
Vance McDaniel (picture)  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 
Dale McDonald  Plainview, Texas, USA. 
Matt McGovern (picture)  WEB SITE   Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA. 
Angus McKenzie  Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. 
Jim McKinney (picture)  WEB SITE   New Boston, Michigan, USA. 
Nora McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Patrick McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Michael W. McMullen (picture)   Deceased    Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 
Ron McMurdy  Poughkeepsie, New York, USA. 
Roger and Bernadette McNeil (picture)  WEB SITE   Fargo, North Dakota, USA. 
Dale McRoberts  Lincoln, Illinois, USA. 
Joe McRorey  Lubbock, Texas, USA. 
Bob McVey  Blanco, Texas, USA. 
Tom Meehan (picture)  Woodstock, Georgia, USA. 
Stefan Menger  WEB SITE   Exton, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Tim Merino (picture)  WEB SITE   Oroville, California, USA. 
Dayrl Merrill (picture)  WEB SITE   Muncie, Indiana, USA. 
Miriam "MiMi" Merriwether  Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA. 
Frank Meyers (picture)  Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Teddy Meyers (picture)  WEB SITE   Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Robert Milestad (picture)  WEB SITE   Huddinge, Sweden. 
Bear Miller (picture)  WEB SITE   Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Hal T. Miller (picture)  WEB SITE   Acworth, Georgia, USA. 
Tom Miller (picture)  WEB SITE   Chest Springs, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Steve Minkin (picture)  WEB SITE   Healdsburg, California, USA. 
Dewey Minteer  Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Dan Mitchell  Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
Jerry Mitchell (picture)  Waxahachie, Texas, USA. 
Don Moger (picture)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Gunter Hans-Jurgen Monroe (picture)  WEB SITE   Steilacoom, Washington, USA. 
Monty Montgomery  Twentynine Palms, California, USA. 
Al Monty (picture)   Deceased    Barre, Vermont, USA. 
Mary M. Moody (picture)  Branchburg, New Jersey, USA. 
Paul Moore (picture)  North San Juan, California, USA. 
Naaman Moorehouse (picture)  Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Gary Morford  Oak Island, North Carolina, USA. 
Lori Morin (picture)   Deceased    Chepachet, Rhode Island, USA. 
Roland Morin (picture)  Enterprise, Florida, USA. 
Glen Morningstar Jr. (picture)  WEB SITE   Highland, Michigan, USA. 
Susan Morris (picture)  WEB SITE   Redmond, Washington, USA. 
Wes Morris (picture)   Deceased    St James City, Florida, USA. 
Wade "CallerWade" Morrow (picture)  WEB SITE   Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Wayne Morvent (picture)   Retired    Silsbee, Texas, USA. 
Raymond Moskewich  Morgan, Vermont, USA. 
Charles Muecke  Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA. 
Ellen Mueller (picture) Updated  WEB SITE   Muellheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Dave Muller (picture)  WEB SITE   Enterprise, Alabama, USA. 
Brian Murdoch   Retired    North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Gary Murphy  Lake City, Florida, USA. 
Sharon Murphy  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Eva Murray (picture)  WEB SITE   Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA. 
Pete Murray  Olympia, Washington, USA. 
Chuck Myers (picture)   Retired    Pensacola, Florida, USA. 
Col Myers (picture)  Springwood, Queensland, Australia. 
David R. "Doc" and Marcie Myers (picture)  WEB SITE   Wichita, Kansas, USA. 

Mike Neasham (picture)  Red Bluff, California, USA. 
Jeff Nelon (picture)   Deceased    Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA. 
Lynn Nelson (picture)  WEB SITE   Kansas City, Kansas, USA. 
Ron Nelson (picture)  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
Royce Nelson (picture)  WEB SITE   Bagley, Minnesota, USA. 
Eldon Neudorf (picture)  Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Dick Neumann (picture)  WEB SITE   El Cajon, California, USA. 
Ned Newberg (picture)  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Don Newburn (picture)  WEB SITE   Lebanon, Oregon, USA. 
Cliff Nichols (picture)   WEB SITE   Bellevue, Washington, USA. 
Wayne and Ruby Nicholson  WEB SITE   Montgomery, Alabama, USA. 
Dan Nordbye (picture)  WEB SITE   Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Marvin "Marty" Northrup  WEB SITE   Clover, South Carolina, USA. 
Stephen Noseck (picture)  WEB SITE stephennoseck   Arlington, Washington, USA. 
W. Noah and Barbara Nutting  Leominster, Massachusetts, USA. 
Kent Nyman  WEB SITE   Providence, Utah, USA. 

Judy Obee (picture)   Retired    Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Bill Odam (picture)  WEB SITE   Olympia, Washington, USA. 
John Oldfield (picture)  WEB SITE   Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Ron Oliphant  Temple, Texas, USA. 
Mike Olivieri (picture)  WEB SITE   Northglenn, Colorado, USA. 
Bente "The ole Lady" Olsen (picture)  Halmstad, Sweden. 
Dale Olson  Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Mike Olson (picture)  WEB SITE   Renton, Washington, USA. 
Kevin Oneslager  Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Jim Osborne (picture)  WEB SITE   San Mateo, California, USA. 
Paul Ott  Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA. 
Larry Merritt Oversmith Jr. (picture)  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Estil and Betty Owens   Retired    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Chuck Owings (picture)  Olathe, Kansas, USA. 
Tac Ozaki (picture)  Hachioji, Japan. 
Jack O'Leary (picture)  WEB SITE   Nevada, Iowa, USA. 
Patrick O'Loughlin  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 

Bill Pace (picture)   Deceased    Hewitt, Texas, USA. 
Charley Packard (picture)  WEB SITE   Frederick, Maryland, USA. 
Ken "Lucky" and Judy Packer (picture)  Sandy, Utah, USA. 
Randy Page  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 
Jeff Palmer (picture)   WEB SITE   Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Rex Parker  Wadsworth, Ohio, USA. 
Terry Passarino  Ballico, California, USA. 
Margean Passey Viken  Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Mark Patterson (picture)  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 
Ray L. "Patt" Patterson (picture)   WEB SITE   Turlock, California, USA. 
Jens-Erik Paul (picture)  WEB SITE   Neustadt am Rübenberge, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Evan Pauley (picture)  Hixson, Tennessee, USA. 
Elaine Peacock (picture)  WEB SITE   Elk Point, South Dakota, USA. 
Ralph Peacock (picture)  Weare, New Hampshire, USA. 
David Pearce (picture)  WEB SITE   Carseldine, Queensland, Australia. 
Scott Pearce (picture)  Folsom, California, USA. 
Douglas Pederson  Aumsville, Oregon, USA. 
Claude Pelletier   Retired   Ontario, Canada. 
Wayne Pelmear  WEB SITE   Lake Isabella, Michigan, USA. 
John Penn  WEB SITE   Frankfort, Kentucky, USA. 
Helen and Lon Penna  Glenville, New York, USA. 
Tim Pepper (picture)  Redlands, California, USA. 
Charlie and Sarah Beth Pergrossi (picture)  Trenton, Florida, USA. 
Ken Perkins (picture)  Pelzer, South Carolina, USA. 
Dave Perrault  Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. 
Vic Perry  Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Göran Persson (picture)  WEB SITE   Ronneby, Sweden. 
Walter R. "Walt" Peterman (picture)  WEB SITE   Woodbridge, Virginia, USA. 
Michael Peters (picture)   WEB SITE   Rockville, Minnesota, USA. 
Bill Peterson (picture)   Deceased    Walled Lake, Michigan, USA. 
Andy Petrere (picture)  Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, USA. 
Colin Pett  Bristol, England, United Kingdom. 
Larry Pfennig (picture)  Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. 
Chris Phelan  Wilmington, Delaware, USA. 
Chris Phillips (picture)   WEB SITE   Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. 
Doug Phillips (picture)   WEB SITE   Bellevue, Nebraska, USA. 
Rachel and Roy Phillips  Groveland, California, USA. 
Phil Pierce (picture)  Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. 
Tim and Sharon Pilachowski  Severn, Maryland, USA. 
Patty Ping (picture)  Pensacola, Florida, USA. 
Paul Place (picture)   Deceased    Clermont, Florida, USA. 
Jack Pladdys (picture)  WEB SITE   Indian Springs, Ohio, USA. 
Dave Plume (picture)  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. 
Erik Pluylaar (picture)  WEB SITE   Amersfoort, Netherlands. 
George Polk Jr.  Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Marshall Poole (picture)  WEB SITE   Axtell, Nebraska, USA. 
Jim Poorman (picture)  WEB SITE   New Lenox, Illinois, USA. 
Jerry Porter  Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA. 
Steve Porter   Retired    Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Gary Potratz  Troy, Idaho, USA. 
Bobby Poyner (picture)  WEB SITE   Joliet, Illinois, USA. 
Russell Pratt (picture)  Hamilton, New Zealand. 
Dan Preedy  Mead, Washington, USA. 
Mike Preskitt (picture)  WEB SITE   Anchorage, Alaska, USA. 
David Preston  Lake Jackson, Texas, USA. 
Johnny Preston (picture)   WEB SITE   Temecula, California, USA. 
Bob Price (picture)  WEB SITE   Cary, North Carolina, USA. 
Jeff Priest (picture)   WEB SITE   Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 
Wayne Primeau  St. Charles, Missouri, USA. 
Walt Puckett  Fletcher, North Carolina, USA. 
Ronnie and Sherry Purser (picture)  Springville, Alabama, USA. 
Pat Push and Peg Millar (picture)  WEB SITE   New Rochelle, New York, USA. 
Thomas Pustinger  Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. 

Coleeta Quigley (picture)  Coquille, Oregon, USA. 
Charles Quisenberry  Dallas, Texas, USA. 

Kathy Racine (picture)  WEB SITE   Provo, Utah, USA. 
Jimmy D. Rader Sr.  Pekin, Illinois, USA. 
Glenn Raiha  Olympia, Washington, USA. 
Jason Raleigh (picture)  WEB SITE   Grove City, Ohio, USA. 
Jim and Sharon Rammel (picture)  Arnold, California, USA. 
Randy Ramsey (picture)  Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. 
Ute Rathmann-Greiner  Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Dennis Reardon  Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Ginny Reaske (picture)  Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Neal and Bev Redwanz (picture)  Decatur, Alabama, USA. 
Jerry Reed (picture)  WEB SITE   Rockledge, Florida, USA. 
Nelson L. Reeme  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. 
Kenny Reese (picture)   Deceased    Riedstadt, Hessen, Germany. 
James Reid (picture)  WEB SITE   Paralowie, South Australia, Australia. 
Kenn Reid (picture)   Deceased    Chico, California, USA. 
Spike Reid  Bremerton, Washington, USA. 
Ralf Reinhard (picture)   WEB SITE   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 
John Reitmajer (picture)   Deceased    Winneka, California, USA. 
Helmut Reitz (picture)  Haltern am See, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Cyril John Rendell  Lymington, England, United Kingdom. 
Gene Reneau (picture)   Deceased    Greenwood, Indiana, USA. 
Dennis Restorff  Everett, Washington, USA. 
Marvin Reuter  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Ray Rhea (picture)  WEB SITE   Syracuse, Utah, USA. 
Dick and Pam Rhodabeck  Holt, Michigan, USA. 
Chris Ricciotti (picture)  WEB SITE   Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Richie Rich (picture)  Alvin, Texas, USA. 
Mike Richards (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Ed Richey  Stoneville, North Carolina, USA. 
Howard Richman (picture)  WEB SITE   Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. 
Jerry Ridley   Retired    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 
Ruth Riegelhaupt-Herzig (picture)  WEB SITE   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Robert "Bob" and Allynn Riggs (picture)  WEB SITE   Centennial, Colorado, USA. 
Matthias Rinn  Rotenburg (Wümme), Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Keith Rippeto (picture)  Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA. 
Jimmy Roberson (picture)  WEB SITE   Oxford, North Carolina, USA. 
Ken Roberts (picture)  WEB SITE   Kettering, Ohio, USA. 
Danny Robinson (picture)   Deceased    Winter Park, Florida, USA. 
Kevin Robinson (picture)  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 
Duane Rodgers  Lady Lake, Florida, USA. 
Reinhold Roedig  WEB SITE   Mentor, Ohio, USA. 
Suptei Rogers (picture)  Cary, North Carolina, USA. 
Bob Rollins (picture)  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. 
Paul Rosenberg (picture)  WEB SITE   Albany, New York, USA. 
Ray and Misel Rosler  North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Al Rouff (picture)  WEB SITE   Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. 
Maxwell Rounds (picture)  WEB SITE   Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Jerry Routh (picture)  Wheatland, Missouri, USA. 
Don and Margy Rouze (picture)   Deceased    Commerce City, Colorado, USA. 
Sam Rowan (picture)  Bluffton, South Carolina, USA. 
Paul Roy  Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA. 
Ron Roy (picture)  Massena, New York, USA. 
Ben Rubright (picture)   WEB SITE   Punta Gorda, Florida, USA. 
Jim Ruckhaber  Nettleton, Mississippi, USA. 
Tom Rudebock (picture)  WEB SITE   Leetonia, Ohio, USA. 
Loren F. "Skip" Rueschman (picture)  WEB SITE   Mogadore, Ohio, USA. 
Dick Rueter (picture)  WEB SITE   Farmington, Minnesota, USA. 
Justin Russell (picture)  WEB SITE   Moscow, Tennessee, USA. 
Tommy and Linda Russell (picture)  WEB SITE   Eldridge, Iowa, USA. 
Ron Rutz  Chapin, South Carolina, USA. 
Rene Ruud (picture)  WEB SITE   Oregon City, Oregon, USA. 
John Ryan (picture)  Ventura, California, USA. 

Johnny Saettel  Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA. 
Dan Sahlstrom (picture)   WEB SITE   Andover, Minnesota, USA. 
Mike Salerno  Topeka, Kansas, USA. 
Bill Salley (picture)  WEB SITE   Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. 
Magda Sanchez  Reno, Nevada, USA. 
Jeff Sand (picture)  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
John R. Sanderlin (picture)  Norfolk, Virginia, USA. 
Gary Sanders (picture)  WEB SITE   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Curtis Sarah  Amarillo, Texas, USA. 
Ryo Sasaki (picture)  Tokyo, Japan. 
Doug Saunders  Fairmont, West Virginia, USA. 
Douglas Dean Saunders Sr. (picture)  Santa Rosa, California, USA. 
John Saunders (picture)   Deceased    Edgewater, Florida, USA. 
Jack Saurborn  Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. 
Bruce Savage (picture)  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Sonya Savell-Jones and Terry Jones-Savell (picture)  WEB SITE   Newalla, Oklahoma, USA. 
Rich & Lynn Sbardella (picture)  Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA. 
Uwe Schade  WEB SITE   Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Burton "Burt" and Mary Ann Schain  New City, New York, USA. 
Ralph Scheider (picture)  Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. 
Jim Schell  Lakeville, Massachusetts, USA. 
Dana Schirmer (picture)  WEB SITE   Berryton, Kansas, USA. 
Neal Schlein  Eugene, Illinois, USA. 
Bob Schlenker  Largo, Florida, USA. 
Alan Schultz   Deceased    Berryton, Kansas, USA. 
Ingo Schumacher (picture)  WEB SITE   Emden, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Jirka "Jiří" Scobak (picture)  WEB SITE   Bratislava, Slovakia. 
Peter "Scotty" Scott (picture)  Salisbury Park, South Australia, Australia. 
Scotty Scott   Deceased    Sacramento, California, USA. 
Rob Scribner (picture)  WEB SITE   Terrebonne, Oregon, USA. 
Mike Seastrom (picture)  WEB SITE   Tarzana, California, USA. 
Jeff Seidel (picture)  WEB SITE   Valley View, South Australia, Australia. 
Gavin Seim (picture)  WEB SITE   Ephrata, Washington, USA. 
Mike and Michelle Seurer (picture)  WEB SITE   Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA. 
Brian Shannon (picture)  Greenwood, Indiana, USA. 
Janet Shannon and Jim Ruebsamen (picture)  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Jim Shay  Sayre, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Terri Sherrer (picture)  Palm Springs, California, USA. 
Bill Sherrill   Deceased    Theodosia, Missouri, USA. 
Larry K. Shipman  WEB SITE   Howard Beach, New York, USA. 
Bob Shiver (picture)   WEB SITE   Warner Robins, Georgia, USA. 
Andy Shore (picture)  WEB SITE   Aptos, California, USA. 
"Lucky" and Connie Shotwell   Retired   Michigan, USA. 
Peggy Shumway  Concord, California, USA. 
Rod Shuping (picture)   WEB SITE   Lancaster, California, USA. 
Don Siebert   Retired    Minot, North Dakota, USA. 
Noah Siegmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Iron Ridge, Wisconsin, USA. 
Thor and Marvis Sigurdson (picture)   Deceased    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 
Michael Sikorsky (picture)  WEB SITE   Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. 
Jay Silva (picture)  Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. 
Bill Silver (picture)  Calera, Oklahoma, USA. 
Elaine Silver  Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA. 
Jerry Silverstein  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Tony Simmons (picture)  Cross Hill, South Carolina, USA. 
Willis Simmons (picture)  Eufaula, Alabama, USA. 
Chuck "Square Chuck" and Carla Simpkins (picture)  WEB SITE   Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. 
Ricky Simpson  Carnesville, Georgia, USA. 
Dean Singleton (picture)  WEB SITE   Vail, Arizona, USA. 
Ann Skoe (sko-e) (picture)  Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Miroslav Skorupa (picture)  WEB SITE   Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. 
Jiří Slabý (picture)  Praha, Czech Republic. 
JP Slater (picture)   Deceased    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Jerry Sleeman (picture)  Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. 
Harry Slocum (picture)  Buffalo, New York, USA. 
John Sloper (picture)  WEB SITE   Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Dale Smith (picture)  Waco, Texas, USA. 
Dave Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   South Lyon, Michigan, USA. 
Garland Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Rosenberg, Texas, USA. 
Harvey Smith   Deceased    Modesto, California, USA. 
Jim L. "Jimmy" Smith and Judy Keller-Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Buena Park, California, USA. 
Kendall and Kathy Smith  Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Richard Smith (picture)  Gainesville, Georgia, USA. 
Roger H. Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Los Altos, California, USA. 
David Smythe (picture)  Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. 
Allen Snell  Port Richey, Florida, USA. 
Leonard Snodgrass Oregon, USA. 
Johnny Snow  Big Sandy, Texas, USA. 
Jim Snyder  Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Poul Erik Soerensen (picture)  WEB SITE   Helsinge, Denmark. 
Joey Solis  Elephant Butte, New Mexico, USA. 
Dan Sorano (picture)  Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. 
Jerry Sossamon  Cornelius, North Carolina, USA. 
Richard Southern  Pell City, Alabama, USA. 
Ron Sowash   Deceased    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Thomas Spaetling (picture)  Bamberg, Bayern, Germany. 
Lloyd "Sparky" Sparks (picture)  WEB SITE   Crestwood, Kentucky, USA. 
Speedy Spivacke (picture)   Deceased    Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA. 
Darrell Sprague  Rochester, New Hampshire, USA. 
Art Springer (picture)   Retired    Tampa, Florida, USA. 
Don and Doug Sprosty (picture)  WEB SITE   Bettendorf, Iowa, USA. 
J R St Jean (picture)   WEB SITE   Orlando, Florida, USA. 
Don St. Jean (picture)  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Chris Stacy (picture)  WEB SITE   Falls Church, Virginia, USA. 
Eddie Stamper  Florence, Kentucky, USA. 
David Staples (picture)  WEB SITE   Durham, North Carolina, USA. 
Dale Stead  Emporia, Kansas, USA. 
Rich Steadman (picture)  Front Royal, Virginia, USA. 
John Steckman (picture)   Deceased    Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Ian Steel   Retired    Helena, Montana, USA. 
Robert G. "Bob" and Lisa Steele  Santa Clara, California, USA. 
Debbie Steinkirchner  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Al Stevens (picture)  WEB SITE   Prattville, Alabama, USA. 
Keith Stevens (picture)  Lake Wales, Florida, USA. 
Roy Stevenson (picture)  Lakewood, California, USA. 
Chip Stewart (picture)  Longmont, Colorado, USA. 
Jamie and Debbie Stewart  Alabaster, Alabama, USA. 
Rich Stewart (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
John and Carolyn Stillson  Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. 
Lenny Stratton  Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA. 
Michael Strauss (picture)  WEB SITE   March, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Michael and Kimberlee Streby  WEB SITE   Wausau, Wisconsin, USA. 
John Stuart  Festus, Missouri, USA. 
Karen Stuart   Retired    Newcastle, Wyoming, USA. 
Larry Studebaker   Deceased    WEB SITE   Tipp City, Ohio, USA. 
Walter Stuppnig (picture)  Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Stan Sullivan (picture)  Pensacola, Florida, USA. 
Bob Summers (picture)  Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. 
Roy Surratt  Salisbury, North Carolina, USA. 
Dave and Bev Sutter (picture)   Deceased    Dubuque, Iowa, USA. 
Dave Sutton   Deceased    Mokena, Illinois, USA. 
Kazy Suzuki (picture)  WEB SITE   Tsukuba, Japan. 
Jim Swanson  Kennewick, Washington, USA. 
John Sweeney (picture)   Retired    Fort Pierce, Florida, USA. 
Bert Swerer (picture)   Deceased    San Pablo, California, USA. 
John Swindle (picture)  WEB SITE   Rockledge, Florida, USA. 
Jill Sybalsky (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   San Jose, California, USA. 

Gugge Törnquist (picture)  WEB SITE   Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden. 
Jim Tait (picture)  Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA. 
Daron Tandberg (picture)  Yakima, Washington, USA. 
Dan Tapper  WEB SITE   Morristown, New Jersey, USA. 
Al Tarver (picture)  Newberry, South Carolina, USA. 
Betsy Taylor (picture)  WEB SITE   Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. 
Darren W.H Taylor (picture)  WEB SITE   Taylors Lakes, Victoria, Australia. 
Ray Taylor (picture)   WEB SITE   Bainbridge, New York, USA. 
Hanna Tenenbaum (picture)  WEB SITE   Malmoe, Sweden. 
Sheila Terhune (picture)  Mooresville, Indiana, USA. 
Dave and Linda and Dave Terrell (picture)  Earlysville, Virginia, USA. 
Paul Terrell (picture)  WEB SITE   Pineville, Louisiana, USA. 
Gero Teufert (picture)  WEB SITE   Idstein, Hessen, Germany. 
Wes Thielke (picture)  WEB SITE   Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA. 
Bob Thomas (picture)  WEB SITE   Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Toby Thomason  Denton, Texas, USA. 
John E. Thompson (picture)  Bulverde, Texas, USA. 
Donn Thomson (picture)  WEB SITE   Paradise, California, USA. 
Greg Tillery (picture)  WEB SITE   Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Bill Tiner (picture)   Deceased    Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas, USA. 
Peter Tobin  Rutland, Vermont, USA. 
Rich Tobin (picture)  Northwood, New Hampshire, USA. 
Carsten Toldbod (picture)  Odder, Denmark. 
Herschel R. Tolson  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Ray Tompkins  Avon, New York, USA. 
Charlie Trapp (picture)  WEB SITE   Halifax, Massachusetts, USA. 
Vince Treague  Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA. 
David Trout  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Ralph Trout (picture)  Millville, New Jersey, USA. 
Barbara Tucker  Kirtland, New Mexico, USA. 
Charlie Tuffield (picture)   Deceased    Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Les and Anne Tulloch  Ironbank, South Australia, Australia. 
Gene Turner (picture)  Knaresborough, England, United Kingdom. 
Mike Turner  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Steve Turner (picture)  Joondalup, Western Australia, Australia. 
Glen and Leola Tusler  Helena, Montana, USA. 
Tim Tyl (picture)  WEB SITE   White Oak, Texas, USA. 

Anne Uebelacker (picture)  Auburn, Washington, USA. 
Joe Uebelacker (picture)  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. 
Thorsten Ueckermann (picture)  WEB SITE   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 
Don Umbrecht  Wilmington, Delaware, USA. 
Jim & Toni Unger  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Rick and Kathy Utter (picture)  Moyie Springs, Idaho, USA. 

Sandie Vaccaro (picture)  Statham, Georgia, USA. 
Bill Van Hoesen  Mary Esther, Florida, USA. 
Jeff Van Sambeeck  Marangaroo, Western Australia, Australia. 
Kevin Van Vliet (picture)  WEB SITE   Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada. 
Bob van West (picture)  WEB SITE   Florence, Alabama, USA. 
Harry Vander Giessen  Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. 
Wendy VanderMeulen (picture)  WEB SITE   St-Albert, Ontario, Canada. 
Martyn and Marion Vanwart  Shawmut, Maine, USA. 
Don Varner   Deceased    Santa Barbara, California, USA. 
Chuck and Debbie Veldhuizen (picture)  WEB SITE   Sioux City, Iowa, USA. 
Richard Verge (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Independence, Kansas, USA. 
Vern Vernazzaro (picture)  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Dave Vieira (picture)  WEB SITE   Lavon, Texas, USA. 
Philip Vinokur  Riverside, California, USA. 
Gloria Vivier  WEB SITE   Granby, Massachusetts, USA. 
Bodo von Reth (picture)  WEB SITE   Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 

Diana R. Wagner (picture)  Topeka, Kansas, USA. 
Alice Wahle (picture)   Deceased    Carson, Iowa, USA. 
Patricia Wahle (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Doug Waldren  Lakeland, Florida, USA. 
Piet Walhout Updated  7331 AM Apeldoorn, Netherlands. 
Dave Walker  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Fred Walker (picture)  WEB SITE   Salem, Illinois, USA. 
Traylor Walker (picture)  Bellville, Texas, USA. 
Bo Wallin (picture)  Uppsala, Sweden. 
Martin "Ma3din" Wallum (picture)  Ditzingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
John Walter  Aliso Viejo, California, USA. 
Glenn Walters (picture)  Greer, South Carolina, USA. 
Carl Wamsley (picture)   Deceased    Picayune, Mississippi, USA. 
Larry Ward (picture)   Deceased    Carson City, Nevada, USA. 
John Wargowsky (picture)  WEB SITE   Marion, Ohio, USA. 
Al Warren   Deceased    Harrisonville, Missouri, USA. 
Otto Warteman (picture)  WEB SITE   Trinity, Texas, USA. 
Bob Washington   Deceased    Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada. 
Jim Wass (picture)   WEB SITE   Riverdale, Maryland, USA. 
Paul Waters (picture)  Valley Village, California, USA. 
Glenn Watts (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Dan Weatherby  Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. 
Jerrie Lynn Weatherford  North Pole, Alaska, USA. 
Greg and Sue Weber (picture)  Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Michael Weber (picture)  WEB SITE   Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany. 
Diana Wedel  Auburn, Washington, USA. 
Johnny Wedge (picture)   Retired    Dracut, Massachusetts, USA. 
Vern Weese (picture)   Deceased    Sacramento, California, USA. 
Peter Weidman (picture)  Plattsburgh, New York, USA. 
Fred Weiner (picture)   WEB SITE   Mesquite, New Mexico, USA. 
Jonathon B. "Jonboy" Weiner (picture)  Bronx, New York, USA. 
Ralph "Ralphie Baby" and Adrian Weise  Deer Park, Victoria, Australia. 
Vernon Weisensel   Deceased   Wisconsin, USA. 
Ron Weiss  Newark, Delaware, USA. 
Clara Welch (picture)  Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
Dottie Welch (picture)  Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Tom Welker  Sugar Land, Texas, USA. 
Bob Weller  Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada. 
Aaron Wells (picture)  WEB SITE   Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. 
Juergen Weresch (picture)  Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Wayne and Luzia Weston (picture)  Canyon Lake, Texas, USA. 
Kenneth R. and Betty Wharton  Huntsville/Decatur, Alabama, USA. 
Terry Wheeler (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Ray Wheelington (picture)   Deceased    Texarkana, Arkansas, USA. 
Cindy Whitaker (picture)  WEB SITE   Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 
Brian White (picture)  Houston, Texas, USA. 
Gordon White  Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA. 
Jack White  Panama City, Florida, USA. 
Marvin White (picture)   Deceased    Bossier, Louisiana, USA. 
Donald L. Wiggins (picture)   Deceased    Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Janne Wiklund (picture)  Östersund, Sweden. 
Christian Wilckens (picture)  WEB SITE   Bogense, Denmark. 
Bob Wilcox (picture)  WEB SITE   Vienna, Illinois, USA. 
Norm Wilcox (picture)   Deceased    Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. 
Mike Wilder (picture)  WEB SITE   Golden Valley, Arizona, USA. 
Chris Wildhagen (picture)  St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. 
Mel Wilkerson (picture)  Tumut, New South Wales, Australia. 
Jim Williams  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Bruce Williamson (picture)  Ozark, Alabama, USA. 
Howard "Rowdy" and Donna Williamson (picture)  WEB SITE   Tyrone, Pennsylvania, USA. 
G. Holger Willm (picture)  WEB SITE   Zwingenberg, Hessen, Germany. 
Andy Wilson (picture)  WEB SITE  California, USA. 
Carol Wilson (picture)  WEB SITE   Reno/Sparks, Nevada, USA. 
Gene Wilson  Camdenton, Missouri, USA. 
Jarvis Windom (picture)  WEB SITE   Wheatland, Wyoming, USA. 
Dick and Rose Winkler   Deceased    Huber Heights, Ohio, USA. 
Michael Winnick (picture)  WEB SITE   Massapequa, New York, USA. 
Gary Winter (picture)  Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. 
George and Roberta Wiseman (picture)   Deceased    Noblesville, Indiana, USA. 
Tanya Wiseman (picture)  Noblesville, Indiana, USA. 
Chuck Witt (picture)  WEB SITE   Crown Point, Indiana, USA. 
Charlie Wofford  Lakewood, Washington, USA. 
Allemande Al Wolff   Deceased    Brunswick, Ohio, USA. 
Dave Wolfhope  Salix, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Barry Wonson  WEB SITE   Mangerton, New South Wales, Australia. 
Don and Marie Wood (picture)  WEB SITE   Lacey, Washington, USA. 
Jonathan Wood  Meridian, Idaho, USA. 
Steve Woodard (picture)  Lemon Grove, California, USA. 
Duane Woodmansee (picture)  St. George, Utah, USA. 
Alan Woods  WEB SITE   Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 
Victoria "Vicki" Woods (picture)  San Mateo, California, USA. 
Jim Woolsey (picture)  WEB SITE   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Bob Worley (picture)  WEB SITE   Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Matt Worley (picture)  WEB SITE   Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Jay Wright (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Jim Wright (picture)   Retired    WEB SITE   Leawood, Kansas, USA. 
Rusty Wright (picture)  Deming, New Mexico, USA. 
Ervin H. "Eaglecaller" Wyatt (picture)  WEB SITE   Montrose, Colorado, USA. 

Jerry Yerby  Auburn, California, USA. 
Bill Yoeman  WEB SITE   Mt. View, Hawaii, USA. 
Mack Yokum  Chardon, Ohio, USA. 
Byron Yoshimura  Tracy, California, USA. 
Don Yosten (picture)  WEB SITE   Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Dennis Young (picture)  Moreno Valley, California, USA. 

Gordy and Mary Ann Ziemann  Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA. 
Scott Zinser (picture)  WEB SITE   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Dominic Zwerenz (picture)  Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
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