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665 records
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Craig Abercrombie (picture)  WEB SITE craigabercrombiewix.com   St Helens, Oregon, USA. 
Bill Ackerman (picture)  N. Billerica, Massachusetts, USA. 
Butch Adams (picture)   Deceased    Alexandria, Virginia, USA. 
Guy Adams (picture)   Retired    Rockford, Illinois, USA. 
Paul Adams (picture)  WEB SITE www3.sympatico.ca   Orleans, Ontario, Canada. 
Philipp Aff (picture)  WEB SITE www.philippaff.de   Hueffelsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Gene Aldridge (picture)  Smyrna, Tennessee, USA. 
Wayne Alexander  Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. 
Mathias Alfredsson (picture)  WEB SITE www.caller.se   Lödöse, Sweden. 
Andy Allemao (picture)  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
John "Drew" Allen (picture)  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Scott Amspoker (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Bjørn Andersson (picture)   Retired    Humlebaek, Denmark. 
Sven Andréason (picture)  WEB SITE www.caller.nu   Stockholm, Sweden. 
Klaus-Dieter Andrzejczak (picture)   Deceased    Krefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Kristian Ang (Äng)  WEB SITE www.rednote.se   Göteborg, Sweden. 
Lars Asplund (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredance.larsasplund.se   Stockholm, Sweden. 
Sten Axtelius (picture)  WEB SITE www.axtelius.net   Arboga, Sweden. 

Paddy Böhnke (picture)  Stadtbergen, Bayern, Germany. 
Don Bachelder (picture)  WEB SITE bacheldersquaredances.com   Bernardston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Bob Baier (picture)  WEB SITE www.sqdrd.com   Stafford, Texas, USA. 
Wayne Baldwin (picture)  WEB SITE waynebaldwin.com   McKinney, Texas, USA. 
Robert "Bob" Barnes (picture)   Deceased   Michigan, USA. 
Red Bates (picture)  Rangeley, Maine, USA. 
Frank Bathelt (picture)  WEB SITE www.frankbathelt.de   Kropp, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Michal Bayer (picture)  WEB SITE www.bayercz.com   Prague, Czech Republic. 
Don Beck (picture)  WEB SITE www.donbeck.org   Chilmark, Massachusetts, USA. 
Marco Becker (picture)  Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Larry Belcher (picture)  WEB SITE www.larrybelcher.org   Auburn, Alabama, USA. 
Doug Bennett (picture)  WEB SITE www.globalmusicproductions.com   Garland, Texas, USA. 
Scott Bennett (picture)   WEB SITE www.scottbennettcaller.com   Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. 
Don Benson  Aromas, California, USA. 
Don Benson  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Derek "Dirk the shirt" Bere   Deceased    Lichfield Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom. 
Chuck Bermele (picture)  St. Florian, Alabama, USA. 
Christer Bern (picture)  S-371 41 Karlskrona, Sweden. 
Thomas Bernhed (picture)  WEB SITE www.sqview.se   Göteborg, Sweden. 
Kevin Bersing (picture)  WEB SITE www.kevincalls.com   Arnold, Missouri, USA. 
Brent Besse  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 
George Betts   Deceased    Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Bo Bierley (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancewithbo.com   Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. 
Jerry Biggerstaff (picture)  WEB SITE www4.ncsu.edu   Marion, North Carolina, USA. 
Dean Black (picture)   WEB SITE deanb1ofakindcaller.com   Yreka, California, USA. 
Jürg Blaser (picture)  WEB SITE 00a0.de   Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Anders Blom (picture)   Deceased    Mönchengladbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Vern Boggs (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Ron Booiman  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Joe Borengasser (picture)   Deceased    Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. 
Jack Borgström (picture)  WEB SITE www.stingproductions.com   Grodinge, Sweden. 
Thomas Borowski (picture)  Ebersbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Rick Boswell (picture)   Deceased    Tehachapi, California, USA. 
Ken Bower (picture)  WEB SITE www.kenbower.net   Palm Desert, California, USA. 
John Bowman  Placerville, California, USA. 
John Boxall England, United Kingdom. 
Joe Bradshaw  Wilmington, Delaware, USA. 
Curt Braffet (picture)  Carlock, Illinois, USA. 
Dane Bragg  Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Michael Braithwaite (picture)  WEB SITE michaelbraithwaite.de   Augsburg, Bayern, Germany. 
Mike Bramlett (picture)  WEB SITE www.rebelrousersdallas.com   Garland, Texas, USA. 
Ulrich Brandt  Sehnde, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Ray Brendzy  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 
Tim Bressinck  WEB SITE www.tim-bressinck.de   Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Paul Bristow (picture)  WEB SITE www.stingproductions.co.uk   Ruislip, England, United Kingdom. 
David Browne (picture)   WEB SITE www.nzsquaredance.webs.com   Auckland, New Zealand. 
Sandie Bryant (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Lottie Buckbee (picture)  Holland, Minnesota, USA. 
Jerry Buckmaster and Zodie Reigel (picture)  Oak Creek, Wisconsin, USA. 
Chris Burchfield (picture)  Youngstown, Florida, USA. 
Ken Burke  WEB SITE www.callerken.com  Michigan, USA. 
Walt Burr (picture)  Hockwold, England, United Kingdom. 
Jeremy Butler (picture)  Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Scot Byars (picture)  Sacramento, California, USA. 
John Byrne  Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom. 

Brad Caldwell (picture)  WEB SITE www.bradcaldwellcaller.com   Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Al and Renia Calhoun (picture)   Deceased    Hillsdale, Ontario, Canada. 
Mike Callahan (picture)  WEB SITE www.callermike.com   Spencerport, New York, USA. 
Kenny Campbell (picture)  Chardon, Ohio, USA. 
Leif Carlsson  Stockholm, Sweden. 
Stefan Carlsson (picture)  WEB SITE www.caller.nu   Trelleborg, Sweden. 
John Carlton (picture)  WEB SITE www.southern-knights.com   San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Jerry Carmen (picture)   Deceased    Spencerport, New York, USA. 
Pat and Monica Carnathan (picture)  WEB SITE www.patcarnathan.com   Temecula, California, USA. 
Deborah Carroll-Jones (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Vic Ceder (picture)  WEB SITE www.ceder.net   Los Olivos, California, USA. 
Nancy Chen (picture)  Taipei, Taiwan. 
Andrea Cheng (picture)  WEB SITE sdaroc83.blogspot.tw   Taipei, Taiwan. 
Bill Chesnut (picture)  Gainesville, Florida, USA. 
Jim "Who" Cholmondeley   Deceased    Chesterfield, Missouri, USA. 
Andy Chong (picture)   Retired    Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Adam Christman (picture)  WEB SITE www.sdcaller101.com   Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Dan Clairmont (picture)  WEB SITE www.danclairmont.com   Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Wolf Clar  Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada. 
Bryan Clark (picture)  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 
Geoff Clarke (picture)  WEB SITE callerg.lockits.ca   Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada. 
Barry Clasper (picture)  WEB SITE www.clasper.ca   Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Mark Clausing (picture)  Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 
Dave Clay (picture)  Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. 
Skip Cleland (picture)  WEB SITE www.skipcleland.com   Decatur, Alabama, USA. 
Tom Clymer  Wenatchee, Washington, USA. 
Howard Cockburn (picture)  WEB SITE www.crossroadsquares.com   Werribee, Victoria, Australia. 
Damon Coe  Meherrin, Virginia, USA. 
Jerry Cokewell (picture)  WEB SITE gtlakes.com   Gaylord, Michigan, USA. 
Larry Cole (picture)  Marion, Indiana, USA. 
Stan Cole (picture)   Deceased    Oakhurst, California, USA. 
Stephen Cole (picture)  WEB SITE www.isquaredance.com   Redmond, Washington, USA. 
John Colwell (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Travis Cook  WEB SITE www.traviscook.com   Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
Jim Cosman (picture)  Woodbine, Georgia, USA. 
Paul Cote (picture)  WEB SITE www.paulcotecaller.com   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Pamela Courts (picture)  Batavia, Ohio, USA. 
David Cox (picture)  Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. 
Jim Cox  Forest Park, Ohio, USA. 
Michael Cox (picture)  WEB SITE www.caller-cuer.com   Ruskin, Florida, USA. 
Don Coy (picture)  WEB SITE www.dotanddoncoy.com   Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
Ian Craig  Aurora, Oregon, USA. 
Brian Crawford (picture)  Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada. 
Tim Crawford (picture)  WEB SITE home.cogeco.ca   Burlington, Ontario, Canada. 
Wayne Crawford  WEB SITE www.geocities.com   Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 
Don Crosby (picture)   Retired    WEB SITE doncrosby.com   Lady Lake, Florida, USA. 
Shawn Cuddy   Retired    Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA. 

Colin Dandridge (picture)   WEB SITE www.phoenixsquares.com   Croydon, Victoria, Australia. 
Urban Danielsson (picture)  WEB SITE fly.to   Maersta, Sweden. 
Philippe Dardenne (picture)  Meise, Belgium. 
Doug Davis (picture)  WEB SITE www.callerdoug.com   Colbert, Washington, USA. 
Tom Davis (picture)  Xenia, Ohio, USA. 
Dave Decot (picture)  Santa Clara, California, USA. 
Joe Dehn (picture)  WEB SITE www.dehnbase.org   Stanford, California, USA. 
Brad and Lenore Deibert  Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Bobby Delph (picture)  Anniston, Alabama, USA. 
Jim DeNigris (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.jimdenigris.com   East Hartford, Connecticut, USA. 
Mike DeSisto (picture)  Enumclaw, Washington, USA. 
Jerry DeVaul  Canastota, New York, USA. 
Randy Dibble (picture)  Newberg, Oregon, USA. 
Steve Diederichs (picture)  Neauphle le Château, France. 
Daniel Dietlein (picture)  Kempten, Bayern, Germany. 
Tom Dillander (picture)   Deceased    Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
Dale Dockery (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.daledockery.8m.net   Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. 
Andrew DonDero  WEB SITE www.allsquaredup.com   Lowman, New York, USA. 
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)  WEB SITE www.dancewithdeedee.com   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 
Randy Dougherty (picture)  Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Mark S. Doyle  Holt, Michigan, USA. 
Wade Driver (picture)  WEB SITE www.wadedriver.com   Spring, Texas, USA. 
Petr Dužek  Brno, Czech Republic. 
Larry Dunn (picture)   Deceased    Kenmore, New York, USA. 
Sam Dunn (picture)  WEB SITE samdunn.net   Sebring, Florida, USA. 
David Dvorak (picture)  Praha (Prague), Czech Republic. 

Wil Eades (picture)   Deceased    Vista, California, USA. 
Steve Edlund (picture)  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. 
Steve Egeland (picture)  Estherville, Iowa, USA. 
Fredrik Einarsson (picture)  WEB SITE www.caller.se   Falkenberg, Sweden. 
Freddie Ekblad (picture)  WEB SITE www.callers.se   Malmö, Sweden. 
Leif Ekblad (picture)  WEB SITE www.lemamusik.se   Helsingborg, Sweden. 
Bob Elling (picture)  San Leandro, California, USA. 
Deanne and Jim Emory (picture)  WEB SITE www.emorydance.com   Westbury, New York, USA. 
Jim Emory (picture)  WEB SITE www.emorydance.com   Westbury, New York, USA. 
Dave Eno (picture)  Preble, New York, USA. 
Phil Eno  Martville, New York, USA. 
Bengt Ericsson (picture)   Deceased    S-641 53 Katrineholm, Sweden. 
John Eubanks (picture)  Joplin, Missouri, USA. 
Su Eygabroad (picture)  Thermal, California, USA. 
Bill Eyler (picture)  WEB SITE www.billeyler.com   Cathedral City, California, USA. 

Stefan Förster (picture)  Herten, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Charlie Fagan (picture)   WEB SITE www.charliefagan.org   Torrance, California, USA. 
Phil Farmer (picture)  Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Bob J. Farnell (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Tom Fekete (picture)   Retired    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Abe Feldman (picture)  Washington, District of Columbia, USA. 
Jerry Fell   Deceased    Portland, Michigan, USA. 
Todd Fellegy (picture)  Meriden, Connecticut, USA. 
Gary Felton (picture)  Columbia, Maryland, USA. 
Robert Ferguson  Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. 
Joe Fioretti   Deceased    Homosassa, Florida, USA. 
Dean Fisher (picture)   WEB SITE Icall4you.bravehost.com   Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. 
Gene and Helen Fitta   Deceased    Bel Air, Maryland, USA. 
Marshall Flippo (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.marshallflippo.com   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Milt Floyd (picture)   Deceased     WEB SITE miltdeepdiver.blogspot.com   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 
Ed Foote (picture)  WEB SITE www.chuckandgerry.com   Wexford, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Virgil and Peggy Lea Forbes (picture)  Pikesville, Maryland, USA. 
Kent Forrester *** not validated ***  Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. 
Mark Franks (picture)  Ocean View, New Jersey, USA. 
Al Frazier (picture)  Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Rob French (picture)  WEB SITE www.rfrench.org   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Jaden Frigo  Somerville, Victoria, Australia. 
Don Furnish   Retired    Parker, Colorado, USA. 

Darren Gallina (picture)   WEB SITE www.darrengallina.com   Lompoc, California, USA. 
Kip Garvey (picture)  WEB SITE www.kipgarvey.com   Pioneer, California, USA. 
Corben Geis (picture)  WEB SITE www.silversoundsmusic.com   Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Bengt Geleff (picture)  Falkenberg, Sweden. 
Thorsten Geppert (picture)  Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Michael "Micke" Gerkman (picture)  WEB SITE caller.se   Bergshamra, Sweden. 
Rich Gierman (picture)  Spreckels, California, USA. 
Hans Gietl (picture)   WEB SITE www.ebe-online.de   Vaterstetten, Bayern, Germany. 
Mike Gilden   Deceased    Aiken, South Carolina, USA. 
Mary Gingell (picture)  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Bill "Tex" Gipson (picture)  WEB SITE www.billtexgipson.com   Anaheim, California, USA. 
Rick Gittelman (picture)  WEB SITE www.rickgittelman.com   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Ron Giuliana  North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Ed Gloodt   Retired    Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Andy Glowach   Retired    Wyoming, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Kathy Godfrey  Medford, Massachusetts, USA. 
Dieter Goergner (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.goergners.de   Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Joe "Little Joe" Goins (picture)  Cross Plains, Tennessee, USA. 
Ben Goldberg (picture)   Deceased    Tracy, California, USA. 
Kurt Gollhardt (picture)  Union City, California, USA. 
Akira Goto  Saitama-shi, Japan. 
Betsy Gotta (picture)  WEB SITE www.gottadance.eboard.com   North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. 
Jimmy Gouge  Amarillo, Texas, USA. 
Doc Gray (picture)   Deceased    Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA. 
Mike Green (picture)   Deceased    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Henry Grissett Jr. (picture)  Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Markus Grossmann (picture)  Butzbach, Hessen, Germany. 

Peter Höfelmeyer (picture)  WEB SITE www.peterhoefelmeyer.de   Stoltenberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Jörgen Höjer  WEB SITE jorgenhojer.n.nu   Fjärås, Sweden. 
Jörgen Höjer  WEB SITE www.jorgenhojer.n.nu   Fjaras (Gothenburg), Sweden. 
Jerry Haag (picture)   Retired    Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. 
Alan and Marcy Hall  Ringgold, Georgia, USA. 
Mike Hall (picture)  WEB SITE www.promenadehall.com   Pharr, Texas, USA. 
Gene Hammond (picture)  Hubbard, Ohio, USA. 
Rick Hampton (picture)  WEB SITE www.rickhampton.net   Visalia, California, USA. 
Jon Hansell Nilsson (picture)  WEB SITE hansellnilssonrecords.com   Malmö, Sweden. 
Chuck Hansen   Deceased    Surprise, Arizona, USA. 
Ulli Hantke (picture)  WEB SITE www.ullihantke.de   Würzburg, Bayern, Germany. 
Koji Harai (picture)  Hiroshima, Japan. 
Jack Hardin (picture)  Maple Valley, Washington, USA. 
Jens Harms (picture)  WEB SITE homepage.o2mail.de   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 
Doug Harris (picture)  WEB SITE members.tripod.com   Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA. 
Bill Harrison (picture)  WEB SITE www.callerbill.com   Cheltenham, Maryland, USA. 
Nick and Dee Hartley (picture)  Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Jim Hattrick (picture) Washington, USA. 
John Hawley (picture)  Brookline, Massachusetts, USA. 
Michael and Heather Haworth (picture)  WEB SITE www.michaelhaworth.org   Lake Elsinore, California, USA. 
Johnny Hayes (picture)  Mojacar Almeria, Spain. 
Bill Haynes (picture)  WEB SITE challengedancing.com   Gilbert, Arizona, USA. 
Terry "Funky" Hebert (picture)  WEB SITE www.funkysquaredancecaller.ca   Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 
Tomas Hedberg (picture)  703 54 Örebro, Sweden. 
David Heffron (picture)   WEB SITE david.heffrons.net   Novelty, Ohio, USA. 
Edith Heitger (picture)  Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Bill Helms (picture)   Deceased    Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Jay Henderson (picture)  WEB SITE www.sqcallerjay.com   San Luis Obispo, California, USA. 
John Hendron (picture)   Deceased    Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. 
Len Hendry  Auckland 0610, New Zealand. 
Eric Henerlau (picture)  WEB SITE www.erichenerlau.com   Corte Madera, California, USA. 
Darrin Henry (picture)  Byrdstown, Tennessee, USA. 
Dick Henschel (picture)   Deceased    Concord, California, USA. 
Ronny Hermans (picture)  Antwerp, Belgium. 
Loren & Audrey "Hoss" Hildebrand  Leaf River, Illinois, USA. 
Diana and Albert Hilliard (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Reine Hjärtström (picture)  Helsingborg, Sweden. 
Dayle Hodge (picture)  Columbia, MD, Maryland, USA. 
Steve Hoffman  Mt. Pleasant, Texas, USA. 
Thomas Hoffmann (picture)  WEB SITE www.burgkater.de   Heidesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Chi Chi Hoffner-Stolarick  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Mike Hogan (picture)  La Vista, Nebraska, USA. 
Frank Holland (picture)  WEB SITE www.frankholland.com   Mooresville, North Carolina, USA. 
Jeff Holley (picture)  WEB SITE jeffholley.com   Crescent, Oklahoma, USA. 
Calvin Hollis (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Lynn Holloway (picture)  Southampton, England, United Kingdom. 
Doug Holmes (picture)  WEB SITE users.xplornet.com   Queensville, Ontario, Canada. 
Brian Hotchkies (picture)  Kanwal, New South Wales, Australia. 
Ken Hover (picture)   WEB SITE www.geocities.com   Bainbridge, New York, USA. 
Jim Howard (picture)  WEB SITE www.jandjmusicokc.com   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Denny Howlett  Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada. 
Thorsten Hubmann (picture)  WEB SITE www.thorsten-hubmann.de   Niederkassel, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Kim Huell  Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Bob and Lois Huff (picture)  WEB SITE www.geocities.com   Holts Summit, Missouri, USA. 
Jennifer Hughes   Deceased    Sacramento, California, USA. 
Peter Humphries (picture)  WEB SITE members.optusnet.com.au   Dandenong North, Victoria, Australia. 
Allan Hurst (picture)   WEB SITE www.squareinfo.org   Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Robert Hurst (picture)  Haywards Heath, England, United Kingdom. 

Grant Ito (picture)  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Marianne C. Jackson (picture)  WEB SITE www.facebook.com   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Mike Jacobs (picture)   Deceased    Hamilton, New Jersey, USA. 
Steve Jacques (picture)   Deceased    Catonsville, Maryland, USA. 
Michal "Dingo" Janák (picture)  WEB SITE www.dingosoft.cz   Brno, Czech Republic. 
Brian Jarvis (picture)  WEB SITE www.sdcallerbrian.com   Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. 
Kenny "Little Enis" Jarvis (picture)  WEB SITE www.kpjembroidery.com   Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
Chuck Jaworski   Deceased    Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Kris Jensen (picture)  WEB SITE www.squarez.com   Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Doug Jernigan (picture)  Trenton, South Carolina, USA. 
Jerry Jestin (picture)   Retired    WEB SITE www.jerryjestin.com   Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada. 
Michael Joergensen (picture)   WEB SITE home10.inet.tele.dk   Copenhagen V., Denmark. 
Lizz Johnson   Deceased    Stockton, California, USA. 
Greg Jones (picture)  WEB SITE home.roadrunner.com   Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 
Johnny Jones (picture)   Deceased    Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. 
Vernon Jones (picture)  WEB SITE www.vernonjones-sdc.com   Springtown, Texas, USA. 
Ken Jordan (picture)  Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Jerry Junck (picture)  WEB SITE www.junck.wesquaredance.com   Wayne, Nebraska, USA. 
Peter Junker (picture)  WEB SITE caller-peter-junker.de   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 

Joel Kadish (picture)   Deceased    Fremont, California, USA. 
Jan Kador (picture)  Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Tom Kaiser (picture)  Sacramento, California, USA. 
Bill Kanai (picture)  Lake Lotawana, Missouri, USA. 
Lars-Inge Karlsson (picture)  Middelfart, Denmark. 
Ken Kashiwagi  Tokyo, Japan. 
Osamu Kawamura (picture)  WEB SITE sdreader.org   Kudamatsu City, Japan. 
Bobby Keefe (picture)  Starke, Florida, USA. 
Darin Keith (picture)  WEB SITE darinkeith.weebly.com   Nampa, Idaho, USA. 
Chris Keller  WEB SITE www.chris-keller-squaredance.de   Kelkheim, Hessen, Germany. 
Hunter Keller (picture)  WEB SITE www.hunterkeller.com   Billings, Montana, USA. 
Michael Kellogg (picture)  WEB SITE www.michaelkellogg.us   Northridge, California, USA. 
Mike Kelly (picture)   Deceased    Richmond, Missouri, USA. 
Gary Kendall (picture)  Fairfield, California, USA. 
Charley Kennedy  Forestville, California, USA. 
Lee "The Singing Lumberjack" Kennedy  West Forks, Maine, USA. 
Ted Kennedy (picture)  WEB SITE tedkennedycaller.com   Grand Bay, Alabama, USA. 
John Kenny (picture)  WEB SITE johnkenny.net   San Francisco, California, USA. 
John Kephart (picture)  WEB SITE www.southern-knights.com   San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Allen Kerr  Canberra Curtin, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. 
Harlan Kerr (picture)  San Francisco, California, USA. 
Chris Kiendl (picture)  WEB SITE www.chriskiendl.de   Muenchen, Bayern, Germany. 
Ernie Kinney (picture)   Deceased    Fresno, California, USA. 
Jack Kirchgatter (picture)  WEB SITE www.stinger-sound-systems.com   Wallertheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Jay Klassen (picture)   Deceased    Brookings, Oregon, USA. 
David Knien (picture)  Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
Bob Knowles (picture)  Tehachapi, California, USA. 
George Knox (picture)  Pasco, Washington, USA. 
Ingeborg Koerber-Luecker  Bergheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Dan and Kathy Koft (picture)  WEB SITE squaredancecallerpa.com   York, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Ralf Kollmeyer (picture)  WEB SITE hearties.de   Hannover/Wedemark, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Lee Kopman (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.squaredanceman.com   Wantagh, Long Island, New York, USA. 
Steve Kopman (picture)  WEB SITE www.stevenkopman.com   Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. 
Uwe UKA "KA" Kraemer-AveMarie (picture)  WEB SITE www.avemarie.de   Mörlenbach, Hessen, Germany. 
Bill Kramer (picture)   Deceased    Buellton, California, USA. 
Ed Kremers (picture)  Oakdale, California, USA. 
Laurits Kristensen  Flemming, Denmark. 
Joe S. Kromer (picture)  WEB SITE www.joe-kromer.de   VS-Tannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Lorenz Kuhlee and Anja Berger (picture)  WEB SITE www.callernotes.eu   Bischofsheim, Hessen, Germany. 

Bert Lajoie  Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada. 
Markus Lampenscherf  Langenfeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Joe Landi  Beesley's Point, New Jersey, USA. 
Frank Lane (picture)   Deceased    Estes Park, Colorado, USA. 
Richard Lane (picture)  WEB SITE www.aboutrichardlane.com   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Stephanie Langhoff (picture)   Retired    Alamo, California, USA. 
Denny Lantz (picture)  Medford, Oregon, USA. 
Tommy P. Larsen (picture)  Borre, Denmark. 
Ed Laudenschlager (picture)  Galloway, Ohio, USA. 
Roy Leber (picture)   Deceased    Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Jim Lee (picture)  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 
Pascal Lemaire  WEB SITE theleapingfrogs.free.fr   Saint Forget, France. 
Frank and Debbi Lescrinier (picture)   WEB SITE Frank253.tripod.com   Fullerton, California, USA. 
Larry Letson (picture)   Retired    McAllen, Texas, USA. 
Seth Levine (picture)  WEB SITE www.sethl.com   Tempe, Arizona, USA. 
Dennis Levitt (picture)   Deceased    Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Michael Levy (picture)  WEB SITE www.MichaelLevy.net   San Francisco, California, USA. 
Jack Lewis (picture)  Boynton Beach, Florida, USA. 
Lloyd Glenn "Lloydtheboat" Lewis (picture)   Deceased    Los Angeles, California, USA. 
Ron Libby (picture)  WEB SITE sites.google.com   Summerfield, Florida, USA. 
Dave Lightly (picture)   Deceased    Waukee, Iowa, USA. 
Søren Lindergaard (picture)  WEB SITE www.new-beat.net   Helsingør, Denmark. 
Jerry Linduff (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancing.com   Moore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Darryl Lipscomb (picture)  WEB SITE www.darryllipscomb.com   Mission, Texas, USA. 
Ted and Shelly Lizotte (picture)  WEB SITE www.tedlizotte.com   Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. 
Juergen Loeder (picture)  Mörfelden-Walldorf, Hessen, Germany. 
Kelvin Love  Christchurch, New Zealand. 
Keith Lovegrove  Blackfield, England, United Kingdom. 
Corry Lowden  Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada. 
Mike Luna (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancelive.com   San Jose, California, USA. 

Tomas "Doug" Machalik (picture)  WEB SITE doug.square.cz   Kladno, Czech Republic. 
Andreas Macke  Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 
Dave Magee (picture)  Coldwater, Michigan, USA. 
Bill Mager (picture)  WEB SITE billmager.com   Andover, Connecticut, USA. 
Gary Mahnken (picture)  WEB SITE www.wesquaredance.com   Corder, Missouri, USA. 
Lee Main (picture)  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA. 
Michael Maltenfort (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Richard "Rick" Manning (picture)  Westminster, California, USA. 
Tom Manning (picture)  WEB SITE www.tom-manning.com   Burlington, Iowa, USA. 
Larry Marchese (picture)  Johnstown, Colorado, USA. 
Tim Marriner (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.timmarriner.com   Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA. 
Ramon Marsch  Middlefield, Ohio, USA. 
John Marshall (picture)  WEB SITE www.johnmarshallsquaredance.com   Sterling, Virginia, USA. 
John L. Marshall  Peoria, Arizona, USA. 
Sidney Marshall  East Rochester, New York, USA. 
Nick Martellacci (picture)   WEB SITE www.nmcaller.com   Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
Kazuya Matsui  WEB SITE www.geocities.co.jp   Hamamatsu-shi, Japan. 
Yoshito Matsumoto  WEB SITE www002.upp.so-net.ne.jp   Tokyo, Japan. 
Chuck Matsunaga (picture)   WEB SITE www2.gol.com   Omiya-city, Japan. 
Glenn Matthew (picture)   Deceased    Bear, Delaware, USA. 
Gilbert "Gib" and Marian Mattson (picture)  Vero Beach, Florida, USA. 
Jim Mayo (picture)  Hampstead, New Hampshire, USA. 
Ett McAtee (picture)  WEB SITE www.geocities.com  Maryland, USA. 
Doren McBroom (picture)  Manchester, Maryland, USA. 
Mac McCall (picture)  Fairfax, Virginia, USA. 
Terry McCann  Mansfield, England, United Kingdom. 
Dale "Mac" McClary (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.squaredanceworld.com   Melbourne, Florida, USA. 
Ian McConnell (picture)  Haverhill, England, United Kingdom. 
Bruce McCue  Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA. 
Vance McDaniel (picture)  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 
Nev and Bev McLachlan (picture)  WEB SITE suncoasters.com.au   Buderim, Queensland, Australia. 
Clinton "Clint" McLean   Retired    Seymour, Connecticut, USA. 
Darryl McMillan (picture)  Decatur, Alabama, USA. 
Michael W. McMullen (picture)   Deceased    Beaverton, Oregon, USA. 
Ron McMurdy  Poughkeepsie, New York, USA. 
David Mee (picture)  WEB SITE DancewithMee.com   Anaheim, California, USA. 
Frank Meyers (picture)  Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Robert Milestad (picture)  WEB SITE caller.se   Huddinge, Sweden. 
Arlen Miller (picture)  Northridge, California, USA. 
Bear Miller (picture)  WEB SITE www.bearmiller.com   Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Tom Miller (picture)  WEB SITE www.TomMiller.info   Chest Springs, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Dennis Mineau (picture)  Saint Charles, Missouri, USA. 
Ron Mineau (picture)  Tyler, Texas, USA. 
Steve Minkin (picture)  WEB SITE www.steveminkin.com   Healdsburg, California, USA. 
Osamu Miyabe (picture)  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Kenichi Mizusawa  WEB SITE www015.upp.so-net.ne.jp   Kyoto or Kuala Lumpur, Japan. 
Don Moger (picture)  Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Gary Monday (picture)  Seattle, Washington, USA. 
Gunter Hans-Jurgen Monroe (picture)  WEB SITE callergunter.biz   Steilacoom, Washington, USA. 
Al Monty (picture)   Deceased    Barre, Vermont, USA. 
Monk Moore (picture)  WEB SITE www.angiertwirlers.com   Angier, North Carolina, USA. 
Gary Morford  Oak Island, North Carolina, USA. 
Harry Morgan  Stokesdale (Greensboro), North Carolina, USA. 
Wayne Morvent (picture)   Retired    Silsbee, Texas, USA. 
Raymond Moskewich  Morgan, Vermont, USA. 
Dave Muller (picture)  WEB SITE www.davemuller.net   Enterprise, Alabama, USA. 
Chuck Myers (picture)   Retired    Pensacola, Florida, USA. 
David R. "Doc" and Marcie Myers (picture)  WEB SITE www.davidrmyers.com   Wichita, Kansas, USA. 

Jeff Nelon (picture)   Deceased    Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA. 
Ron Nelson (picture)  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
Lenny and Margaret Newberry (picture) Florida, USA. 
Bob Newman  Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Carsten Nielsen (picture)  WEB SITE www.new-beat.net   Stoevring, Denmark. 
Jan Wigh Nielsen (picture)  Hjoerring, Denmark. 
Henrik "Hedda" Nilsson Siling (picture)  WEB SITE www.caller.se   Hässelby (Stockholm), Sweden. 
Dan Nordbye (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancedannordbye.com   Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Marvin "Marty" Northrup  WEB SITE martynorthrup.com   Clover, South Carolina, USA. 
Stephen Noseck (picture)  WEB SITE stephennoseck   Arlington, Washington, USA. 

Yukio Oiwa (picture)  WEB SITE www.geocities.co.jp   Nagakute-cho, Aichi-gun,, Japan. 
Duke Okada (picture)  WEB SITE sd-grace.net   Sakai, Osaka, Japan. 
John Oldfield (picture)  WEB SITE www.john.oldfield.com   Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Bente "The ole Lady" Olsen (picture)  Halmstad, Sweden. 
Richard "Dick" Otis (picture)  WEB SITE dickotis.com   Reston, Virginia, USA. 
Osamu Otsuka  Chiba City, Japan. 
Larry Merritt Oversmith Jr. (picture)  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Tony Oxendine (picture)  WEB SITE www.tonyoxendine.com   Sumter, South Carolina, USA. 
Tac Ozaki (picture)  Hachioji, Japan. 
Jack O'Leary (picture)  WEB SITE www.silversoundsmusic.com   Nevada, Iowa, USA. 

Randy Page  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 
Jeff Palmer (picture)   WEB SITE jeffpalmersdc.com   Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. 
Mark Patterson (picture)  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 
Ray L. "Patt" Patterson (picture)   WEB SITE www.sdcallerray.com   Turlock, California, USA. 
Evan Pauley (picture)  Hixson, Tennessee, USA. 
Danny Payne (picture)  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Scott Pearce (picture)  Folsom, California, USA. 
Henning Albæk Pedersen (picture)  Hjørring, Denmark. 
Claude Pelletier   Retired   Ontario, Canada. 
Wayne Pelmear  WEB SITE pelmear.com   Lake Isabella, Michigan, USA. 
Tim Pepper (picture)  Redlands, California, USA. 
Roger Persson (picture)  WEB SITE www.callers.se   Hyllinge, Sweden. 
Rainer Peter (picture)  Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 
Bill Peterson (picture)   Deceased    Walled Lake, Michigan, USA. 
Andy Petrere (picture)  Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, USA. 
Colin Pett  Bristol, England, United Kingdom. 
Krister Pettersson  Gothenburg, Sweden. 
Chris Phelan  Wilmington, Delaware, USA. 
Chris Phillips (picture)   WEB SITE www.caller4u.com   Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. 
Hans Pitters (picture)  Vejle Øst, Denmark. 
Jack Pladdys (picture)  WEB SITE www.jpladdys.com   Indian Springs, Ohio, USA. 
Tim Ploch (picture)  Houston, Texas, USA. 
Larry Plumhoff  Winter Haven, Florida, USA. 
Norm Poisson (picture)  WEB SITE www.millaround.com   Tewksbury, Massachusetts, USA. 
Jim Poorman (picture)  WEB SITE JimPoorman.com   New Lenox, Illinois, USA. 
Gil Porter (picture)  Fairport, New York, USA. 
Del Powell  Sacramento, California, USA. 
Bob Poyner (picture)  DeFuniak Springs, Florida, USA. 
Bobby Poyner (picture)  WEB SITE www.bobbypoyner.com   Joliet, Illinois, USA. 
Dan Preedy  Mead, Washington, USA. 
Johnny Preston (picture)   WEB SITE members.cox.net   Temecula, California, USA. 
Jeff Priest (picture)   WEB SITE www.shadowlightdance.com   Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 
Jim Pulaski   Deceased    Westborough, Massachusetts, USA. 

Charles Quisenberry  Dallas, Texas, USA. 

Joachim Rühenbeck (picture)   WEB SITE www.ruehenbeck.com   Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Jason Raleigh (picture)  WEB SITE jasonraleigh.dance   Grove City, Ohio, USA. 
Jim and Sharon Rammel (picture)  Arnold, California, USA. 
Edward Raney  Rolla, Missouri, USA. 
Jerry Rash (picture)  WEB SITE jerryrashsquaredancecaller.com   Harlingen, Texas, USA. 
Ute Rathmann-Greiner  Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Lars Rawet (picture)  WEB SITE www.annisurf.com   Stockholm, Sweden. 
Andy Rawlinson (picture)   Deceased    Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Ginny Reaske (picture)  Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Jerry Reed (picture)  WEB SITE www.JReedSDC.com   Rockledge, Florida, USA. 
Rich Reel (picture)   WEB SITE www.all8.com   Hayward, California, USA. 
Kenny Reese (picture)   Deceased    Riedstadt, Hessen, Germany. 
James Reid (picture)  WEB SITE home.myaccess.com.au   Paralowie, South Australia, Australia. 
Kenn Reid (picture)   Deceased    Chico, California, USA. 
Spike Reid  Bremerton, Washington, USA. 
John Reitmajer (picture)   Deceased    Winneka, California, USA. 
Rem and Diana Remington  Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
Cyril John Rendell  Lymington, England, United Kingdom. 
Dave Rensberger  Pismo Beach, California, USA. 
Marvin Reuter  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Howard Richman (picture)  WEB SITE CallerHoward.com   Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. 
Robert "Bob" and Allynn Riggs (picture)  WEB SITE www.SquareDanceEtc.com   Centennial, Colorado, USA. 
Max Ringe (picture)  Obu City, Japan. 
Tom Rinker (picture)  WEB SITE webpages.charter.net   Boylston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Keith Rippeto (picture)  Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA. 
Ken Ritucci (picture)  WEB SITE www.kenritucci.com   West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. 
Jim Robar   Deceased    St. Louis, Michigan, USA. 
Jimmy Roberson (picture)  WEB SITE www.sqdancing.com   Oxford, North Carolina, USA. 
Jet Roberts (picture)  WEB SITE www.jetroberts.com   Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, USA. 
Charlie Robertson (picture)  WEB SITE www.charlierobertson.com   Sulphur, Oklahoma, USA. 
Danny Robinson (picture)   Deceased    Winter Park, Florida, USA. 
Kevin Robinson (picture)  Lexington, Kentucky, USA. 
Duane Rodgers  Lady Lake, Florida, USA. 
Tom Roper (picture)  WEB SITE www.roper.wesquaredance.com   Mesa, Arizona, USA. 
Al Rouff (picture)  WEB SITE sevenhills.ws   Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. 
Ben Rubright (picture)   WEB SITE www.gr8ideas.net   Punta Gorda, Florida, USA. 
Tom Rudebock (picture)  WEB SITE tomrudebock.mysquaredance.com   Leetonia, Ohio, USA. 
Justin Russell (picture)  WEB SITE justin-russell.com   Moscow, Tennessee, USA. 
Stan Russell (picture)  Greer, South Carolina, USA. 
Tommy and Linda Russell (picture)  WEB SITE www.iowasquaredance.org   Eldridge, Iowa, USA. 
Ron Rutz  Chapin, South Carolina, USA. 
Bill Ryan  West Seneca, New York, USA. 

Yuko Sagara  Tokyo, Japan. 
Dan Sahlstrom (picture)   WEB SITE www.DanSahlstrom.com   Andover, Minnesota, USA. 
Ken Sale  Castro Valley, California, USA. 
Joe Saltel (picture)  WEB SITE www.joesaltel.com   Pharr, Texas, USA. 
Osamu Sasaki  WEB SITE www.netbeet.ne.jp   Obihiro City, Japan. 
Ryo Sasaki (picture)  Tokyo, Japan. 
Craig Satterthwaite (picture)  Layton, Utah, USA. 
Douglas Dean Saunders Sr. (picture)  Santa Rosa, California, USA. 
John Saunders (picture)   Deceased    Edgewater, Florida, USA. 
Sonya Savell-Jones and Terry Jones-Savell (picture)  WEB SITE www.RockinM.com   Newalla, Oklahoma, USA. 
Thorsten Scheffer (picture)  Uetersen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Uli Schingen (picture)  Weil der Stadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Dana Schirmer (picture)  WEB SITE www.dana.wesquaredance.com   Berryton, Kansas, USA. 
Ron Schneider (picture)  Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. 
Tim Scholl (picture)  Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA. 
Wolfgang Schwind (picture)  Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Jirka "Jiří" Scobak (picture)  WEB SITE www.scobak.blog.sme.sk   Bratislava, Slovakia. 
Mike Seastrom (picture)  WEB SITE www.mikeseastrom.com   Tarzana, California, USA. 
Jeff Seidel (picture)  WEB SITE wildfrontiersquaredanceclubinc.com   Valley View, South Australia, Australia. 
Norm Shaffor (picture)  Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Jim Shay  Sayre, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Terri Sherrer (picture)  Palm Springs, California, USA. 
Sam Shilmover (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Gary Shoemake (picture)  WEB SITE www.garyshoemake.com   Sevierville, Tennessee, USA. 
Andy Shore (picture)  WEB SITE site.andyshore.com   Aptos, California, USA. 
"Lucky" and Connie Shotwell   Retired   Michigan, USA. 
Craig Shucker (picture)  Garden Grove, California, USA. 
Peggy Shumway  Concord, California, USA. 
Rod Shuping (picture)   WEB SITE www.rodshuping.com   Lancaster, California, USA. 
Stefan Sidholm (picture)  Sollentuna, Sweden. 
Thor and Marvis Sigurdson (picture)   Deceased    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 
Michael Sikorsky (picture)  WEB SITE www.arizonacaller.com   Apache Junction, Arizona, USA. 
Jerry Silverstein  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Willis Simmons (picture)  Eufaula, Alabama, USA. 
Ray Simons  Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA. 
Cliff Simpson (picture)  Indio, California, USA. 
Dean Singleton (picture)  WEB SITE arrowheadrecording.com   Vail, Arizona, USA. 
Frank Sjoberg  Katrineholm, Sweden. 
Barry Sjolin (picture)  WEB SITE www.barrysjolin.com   Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. 
Martin Sladek (picture)  WEB SITE www.martinsladek.com   Plzen, Czech Republic. 
JP Slater (picture)   Deceased    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Jerry Sleeman (picture)  Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. 
Harry Slocum (picture)  Buffalo, New York, USA. 
CJ Smith (picture)  Sunnyvale, California, USA. 
Jim L. "Jimmy" Smith and Judy Keller-Smith (picture)  WEB SITE www.dancingwithjudyandjim.com   Buena Park, California, USA. 
Lorne Smith (picture)  Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Richard Smith (picture)  Gainesville, Georgia, USA. 
David Smythe (picture)  Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. 
Johnny Snow  Big Sandy, Texas, USA. 
Jim Snyder  Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Joey Solis  Elephant Butte, New Mexico, USA. 
Lloyd "Sparky" Sparks (picture)  WEB SITE www.SparksEnterprises.com   Crestwood, Kentucky, USA. 
Granville Spencer  WEB SITE hogsmillsquaredanceclub.weebly.com   Worcester Park, England, United Kingdom. 
Darrell Sprague  Rochester, New Hampshire, USA. 
Art Springer (picture)   Retired    Tampa, Florida, USA. 
Don and Doug Sprosty (picture)  WEB SITE www.solidgoldrecords.net   Bettendorf, Iowa, USA. 
J R St Jean (picture)   WEB SITE www.jrstjean.com   Orlando, Florida, USA. 
Don St. Jean (picture)  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Chris Stacy (picture)  WEB SITE www.swingandcircle.com   Falls Church, Virginia, USA. 
Skip Stanley (picture)  Garden Grove, California, USA. 
David Staples (picture)  WEB SITE www4.ncsu.edu   Durham, North Carolina, USA. 
John Steckman (picture)   Deceased    Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Keith Stevens (picture)  Lake Wales, Florida, USA. 
Roy Stevenson (picture)  Lakewood, California, USA. 
Jerry Story (picture)  WEB SITE www.jerrystory.com   Fairfield, Iowa, USA. 
Jerry Stover (picture)  Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. 
Bob Stutevoss (picture)  Yuma, Arizona, USA. 
Dave and Shirley Stuthard  Powell, Ohio, USA. 
Stan Sullivan (picture)  Pensacola, Florida, USA. 
Steve Sullivan (picture)  Pocatello, Idaho, USA. 
Michael "Mike" Sumpter (picture)   WEB SITE www.squareupwithmike.com   Norton, Ohio, USA. 
Takako Suzuki (picture)  Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi, Japan. 
John Sweeney (picture)   Retired    Fort Pierce, Florida, USA. 
John Swindle (picture)  WEB SITE www.squaredancesites.com   Rockledge, Florida, USA. 
Jill Sybalsky (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE Top2bottom.net   San Jose, California, USA. 
John Sybalsky (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE www.sybalsky.com   San Jose, California, USA. 

Gugge Törnquist (picture)  WEB SITE www.gugge.nu   Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden. 
Art Tangen (picture)  Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 
Romney Tannehill (picture)   WEB SITE www.romneytannehill.com   Aliso Viejo, California, USA. 
Carsten Toldbod (picture)  Odder, Denmark. 
Etienne Toussaint  Merksem, Belgium. 
Dave Towry (picture)  Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA. 
Charlie Trapp (picture)  WEB SITE www.sdancing.com   Halifax, Massachusetts, USA. 
Nils Trottmann (picture)  Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Mike Turner  Wichita, Kansas, USA. 
Steve Turner (picture)  Joondalup, Western Australia, Australia. 
Tim Tyl (picture)  WEB SITE www.timtyl.com   White Oak, Texas, USA. 

Anne Uebelacker (picture)  Auburn, Washington, USA. 
Joe and Gail Uebelacker (picture)  Lakehurst, Ontario, Canada. 
Thorsten Ueckermann (picture)  WEB SITE www.thorstenueckermann.de   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 
Jinichi Uemura (picture)  Tokyo, Japan. 
Toshifumi Ueno (picture)  Kanagawaken, Japan. 

Joseph Valvo  Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 
Bill van Melle (picture)  Los Altos, California, USA. 
Jeff Van Sambeeck  Marangaroo, Western Australia, Australia. 
Kevin Van Vliet (picture)  WEB SITE vanvlietenterprises.org   Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada. 
Martyn and Marion Vanwart  Shawmut, Maine, USA. 
Al Vesper (picture)  Rochester, Minnesota, USA. 
Rod Vokey  Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada. 
Bodo von Reth (picture)  WEB SITE bodovr.de   Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 

Wally and Ione Wade   Deceased    Osceola, Iowa, USA. 
Alice Wahle (picture)   Deceased    Carson, Iowa, USA. 
Patricia Wahle (picture)  Chicago, Illinois, USA. 
Dave Walker  Fenton, Michigan, USA. 
Alexander Wallerer (picture)  Buttenheim, Bayern, Germany. 
Bo Wallin (picture)  Uppsala, Sweden. 
John Walter  Aliso Viejo, California, USA. 
Larry Ward (picture)   Deceased    Carson City, Nevada, USA. 
Jim Wass (picture)   WEB SITE www.jimwass.com   Riverdale, Maryland, USA. 
Paul Waters (picture)  Valley Village, California, USA. 
Nelson Watkins (picture)   Deceased    Rowlett, Texas, USA. 
Buddy Weaver (picture)   WEB SITE www.buddyweaver.com   San Diego, California, USA. 
Lynn Webster  Prior Lake, Minnesota, USA. 
Diana Wedel  Auburn, Washington, USA. 
Vern Weese (picture)   Deceased    Sacramento, California, USA. 
Maarten Weijers (picture)  WEB SITE www.grandsquare.nl   NL - 1433 GX Kudelstaart, Netherlands. 
Fred Weiner (picture)   WEB SITE hometown.aol.com   Mesquite, New Mexico, USA. 
Jonathon B. "Jonboy" Weiner (picture)  Bronx, New York, USA. 
Juergen R. Weissenborn (picture)  WEB SITE www.the-sputniks.de   Ammerndorf, Bayern, Germany. 
Clara Welch (picture)  Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
Dottie Welch (picture)  Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Aaron Wells (picture)  Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. 
Juergen Weresch (picture)  Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Donald Wescoat (picture)   Deceased    Fullerton, California, USA. 
Terry Wheeler (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Cindy Whitaker (picture)  WEB SITE www.pmdomusic.com   Fairfield, Ohio, USA. 
Brian White (picture)  Houston, Texas, USA. 
Marvin White (picture)   Deceased    Bossier, Louisiana, USA. 
Kurt A. Wierer  Bad Friedrichshall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Kaj Wikholm (picture)   WEB SITE www.facebook.com   Helsinki, Finland. 
Janne Wiklund (picture)  Östersund, Sweden. 
Christian Wilckens (picture)  WEB SITE www.christianwilckens.net   Bogense, Denmark. 
Norm Wilcox (picture)   Deceased    Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. 
Ray and Ilidia Wiles (picture)  WEB SITE www.sd2raywiles.com   Carleton, Michigan, USA. 
Jesper Wilhelmsson (picture)  Örebro, Sweden. 
Bruce Williamson (picture)  Ozark, Alabama, USA. 
Howard "Rowdy" and Donna Williamson (picture)  WEB SITE howardwilliamson.com   Tyrone, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Michael Winnick (picture)  WEB SITE hexagonsquares.com   Massapequa, New York, USA. 
Bronc Wise (picture)  WEB SITE broncwise.com   Mission, Texas, USA. 
Chuck Witt (picture)  WEB SITE www.chuckwitt.com   Crown Point, Indiana, USA. 
Andy Woerner   Retired    Oradell, New Jersey, USA. 
Barry Wonson  WEB SITE www.behindthemikewebsite.com   Mangerton, New South Wales, Australia. 
Don and Marie Wood (picture)  WEB SITE www.lou-macrecords.com   Lacey, Washington, USA. 
Steve Woodard (picture)  Lemon Grove, California, USA. 
Duane Woodmansee (picture)  St. George, Utah, USA. 
Alan Woods  WEB SITE www.metrotumbleweeds.org   Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 
Victoria "Vicki" Woods (picture)  San Mateo, California, USA. 
Jim Woolsey (picture)  WEB SITE www.jimwoolsey.com   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Matt Worley (picture)  WEB SITE www.crownrecords.org   Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. 
Mike Wright (picture)  Martinez, California, USA. 
James Wyatt (picture)   Retired    Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom. 

Moto Yoshimura (picture)  Shiki City, Japan. 
Don Yosten (picture)  WEB SITE donyosten.com   Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Scott Zinser (picture)  WEB SITE members.dsl-only.net   Portland, Oregon, USA. 

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