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398 records
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Sharon Murphy Abney (picture)  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Sid Acker (picture)  Arlington, Texas, USA. 
Steven and Vanessa Ackerman  WEB SITE   Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Butch Adams (picture)   Deceased    Alexandria, Virginia, USA. 
Philipp Aff (picture)  WEB SITE   Hueffelsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Johnny Ahysen   Retired    Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. 
Jimmy Akin (picture)  San Diego, California, USA. 
Gene Aldridge (picture)  Smyrna, Tennessee, USA. 
Mike Amell (picture)  WEB SITE   Concord, California, USA. 
Paul Amor (picture)  WEB SITE  Wales, United Kingdom. 
Steve Anderson (picture)  Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. 
Klaus-Dieter Andrzejczak (picture)   Deceased    Krefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
John N. Anthony  Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Chuck "Charlie" Assell (picture)  WEB SITE   Elburn, Illinois, USA. 
Robert Avery  San Jose, California, USA. 

Don Bachelder (picture)  WEB SITE   Bernardston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Carl "CBDanceman" Ballou (picture)  WEB SITE   Rogers, Arkansas, USA. 
Bill Baritompa (picture)   Retired    RD 1 Lyttelton, New Zealand. 
Doug Barnett (picture)   Retired    Monterey, Tennessee, USA. 
Michael Barraclough (picture)  WEB SITE   Poynton, England, United Kingdom. 
Marco Becker (picture)  Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Teresa Berger (picture)  WEB SITE   South Bend, Indiana, USA. 
Chuck Bermele (picture)  St. Florian, Alabama, USA. 
Ron and Jan Betzelberger (picture)  Lincoln, Illinois, USA. 
Bo Bierley (picture)  WEB SITE   Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. 
Charlie Bitter  Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. 
John Blaylock  West Chester, Ohio, USA. 
Mike Blohm  Slidell, Louisiana, USA. 
David Boggs (picture)  Desert Aire, Washington, USA. 
Samantha Marie Booker (picture)  WEB SITE   Southaven, Mississippi, USA. 
Russ Booz  Bensalem, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Curt Braffet (picture)  Carlock, Illinois, USA. 
Jim Brandenburg  Newport News, Virginia, USA. 
Tim Bressinck  WEB SITE   Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Wendy Brooks  Roy, Utah, USA. 
Barclay Brown  Austell, Georgia, USA. 
Charlie Brown and Linda Cooley (picture)  WEB SITE   Mantua, Ohio, USA. 
Jimmy Oldguy and Darla Brown (picture)  WEB SITE   Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. 
Allan Brozek (picture)  Oxford, Connecticut, USA. 
Lottie Buckbee (picture)  Holland, Minnesota, USA. 
Christine "Chris" Burdick  Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA. 
Jim "BUSHBABY" Bush   Deceased    Cairo, Georgia, USA. 
Scot Byars (picture)  Sacramento, California, USA. 

Billy Callaway (picture)  Greeley, Colorado, USA. 
Bob Calton (picture)  West Point, Utah, USA. 
Patricia Campbell (picture)  WEB SITE   Newtown, Connecticut, USA. 
Russ Campbell (picture)   Retired    WEB SITE   Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 
Pat Cannon (picture)  WEB SITE   Sloatsburg, New York, USA. 
Tim Carman (picture)  Lanesville, Indiana, USA. 
Jerry Carmen (picture)  Spencerport, New York, USA. 
Les Centers  Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA. 
Gene Chamberlain (picture)  Aylett, Virginia, USA. 
Adam Christman (picture)  WEB SITE   Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Edward E. Claflin  Gothenburg, Nebraska, USA. 
Dan Clairmont (picture)  WEB SITE   Georgetown, Texas, USA. 
Dennis Clark (picture)  WEB SITE   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
Lorne Clayton (picture)  WEB SITE   Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 
Skip Cleland (picture)  WEB SITE   Decatur, Alabama, USA. 
Bill "Cherokee" Cochran (picture)  Mountain View, Missouri, USA. 
James "Jammer" Cochran  Mountain View, Missouri, USA. 
Dave Colestock (picture)  WEB SITE   New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA. 
John Cook  Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Dave Cooper and Patty Reese  WEB SITE   Prineville, Oregon, USA. 
Danny Corchero  Jackson, California, USA. 
John Corrigan  Delta, British Columbia, Canada. 
Paul Cote (picture)  WEB SITE   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Jeff Cox and Sandy Sugerman (picture)  Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Kevin Cozad (picture)  Centreville, Alabama, USA. 
Ian Craig  Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Adam Cumming (picture)  WEB SITE   Salem, Oregon, USA. 
Michael Curschmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Niederwiesa, Sachsen, Germany. 
KC Curtis  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Bud Cutter  WEB SITE   Fenton, Missouri, USA. 
Ed Czech (picture)  WEB SITE   Winamac, Indiana, USA. 

Jim and Beth Davis (picture)  WEB SITE   Saginaw, Michigan, USA. 
Don Di Pirro (picture)   Deceased    Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Kenneth Diesburg (picture)  Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. 
Gail Dietz (picture)   Deceased    Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA. 
Edward "Ed" Dolson (picture)  London, Ontario, Canada. 
Mike and Mary Doughty (picture)  WEB SITE   Jensen Beach, Florida, USA. 
Petr Dužek  Brno, Czech Republic. 
Joey Duhamel (picture)  Star City, Arkansas, USA. 
George Dunbar  St. Peters, Missouri, USA. 
Jim Duncan (picture)  Otto, North Carolina, USA. 
Karen Dunnam (picture)   WEB SITE   Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 
Ron Durkee   Retired    Burbank, California, USA. 
Michael Dusoe  WEB SITE   Chelsea, Maine, USA. 

Herb Edwards  Chillicothe, Illinois, USA. 
Steve Egeland (picture)  Estherville, Iowa, USA. 
Freddie Ekblad (picture)  WEB SITE   Malmö, Sweden. 
Tim Eum and Cindy Hadley (picture)  Huntsville, Alabama, USA. 
Bob Ewing (picture)   Retired    Springfield, Oregon, USA. 
Su Eygabroad (picture)  Palm Desert, California, USA. 

Joseph "Cornbread" Fabian Jr  WEB SITE   Frankfort, Maine, USA. 
Adam Fanello (picture)  WEB SITE   Silverado, California, USA. 
George Ferguson  Westland, Michigan, USA. 
Eddie Fields  Salmon, Idaho, USA. 
Karen and Dick Fisher (picture)  WEB SITE   Livingston, Texas, USA. 
Gene and Helen Fitta   Deceased    Bel Air, Maryland, USA. 
Virgil and Peggy Lea Forbes (picture)  Pikesville, Maryland, USA. 
Brian Freed (picture)  WEB SITE   Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. 
Kenny Freeman (picture)  Puyallup, Washington, USA. 
Jaden Frigo (picture)  Somerville, Victoria, Australia. 
Lurita Fugier (picture)  Hermosa, South Dakota, USA. 
Robert LeRoy "Bob" Furr (picture)  Omaha, Nebraska, USA. 
Jeff Futter (picture)  WEB SITE   Riverton, Wyoming, USA. 

Andy and Tricia Garboden (picture)  WEB SITE   Maple Valley, Washington, USA. 
Diane Gaskill (picture)  San Jose, California, USA. 
Tony Gaskill  Steger, Illinois, USA. 
Hans-Gerd Gasser (picture)  Schwaebisch Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Bob Gaunt (picture)  WEB SITE   Arvada, Colorado, USA. 
Richard W. Gee (picture)  Taylorsville, Utah, USA. 
Corben Geis (picture)  WEB SITE   Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Bengt Geleff (picture)  Falkenberg, Sweden. 
Markus Gensberger (picture)  WEB SITE   Muenchen / Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Rick Gittelman (picture)  WEB SITE   Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Masha Goodman Crawford (picture)  WEB SITE   Northern Cal, SF, Sac, Foothil, California, USA. 
Jerry Goshorn  Lewisberry, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Berlon Graham  Shalimar, Florida, USA. 
Dan and Margaret Graham (picture)  WEB SITE   Winchester, Kentucky, USA. 
Judy Greenhill (picture)  WEB SITE   Guelph, Ontario, Canada. 
Shane and Missy Greer  Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA. 
Culver Griffin   Deceased    Roxbury, Connecticut, USA. 
Jerry Griffin  Saltillo, Mississippi, USA. 
Dominic Gruetzmacher (picture)  Schofield, Wisconsin, USA. 
Monte and Patty Guenzler  Rochester, Minnesota, USA. 
Lelia Guilbert (picture)  WEB SITE   Mitchell, South Dakota, USA. 

Peter Höfelmeyer (picture)  WEB SITE   Stoltenberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 
Jörgen Höjer  WEB SITE   Fjärås, Sweden. 
Stephen R. and Lisa Hackman  Gibbon, Nebraska, USA. 
Steve Hackman (picture)  Kansas City, Kansas, USA. 
Lee Hailey (picture)  Glendale, Arizona, USA. 
Alison Hampton  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. 
Jon Hansell Nilsson (picture)  WEB SITE   Malmö, Sweden. 
Tom Harrison  Ovalo, Texas, USA. 
Eddie Harry (picture)  Kent, Washington, USA. 
Dave "Hash" Hass (picture)   Deceased    East Hampton, Connecticut, USA. 
Michael and Heather Haworth (picture)  WEB SITE   Lake Elsinore, California, USA. 
Steve Hays  Oregon City, Oregon, USA. 
Peter Heath  Parafield Gardens, South Australia, Australia. 
Terry "Funky" Hebert (picture)  WEB SITE   Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 
David Heffron (picture)   WEB SITE   Novelty, Ohio, USA. 
Walt Helgesen (picture)  WEB SITE   Granbury, Texas, USA. 
Andreas Hennecke Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Nikki Hensley (picture)  Newark, California, USA. 
Paul Henze  Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. 
Amanda Herdt (picture)  Merrill, Wisconsin, USA. 
George Hermann  Gresham, Oregon, USA. 
Randy Herpin (picture)  Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. 
Galen Hibbard  Stryker, Ohio, USA. 
Loren & Audrey "Hoss" Hildebrand  Leaf River, Illinois, USA. 
Jerry and Juliann Hill   Retired    Lakeview, Arkansas, USA. 
Ray Hilton  Saco, Maine, USA. 
Al Hipkins (picture)  WEB SITE   Brunswick, Maine, USA. 
Reine Hjärtström (picture)  Helsingborg, Sweden. 
Erik Hoffman (picture)  WEB SITE   Oakland, California, USA. 
Thomas Hoffmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Heidesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
David and Linda Holladay  Oneonta, Alabama, USA. 
Jeff Holley (picture)  WEB SITE   Crescent, Oklahoma, USA. 
Lynn Holloway (picture)  Southampton, England, United Kingdom. 
Steve Holzhausen  Loganville, Georgia, USA. 
Ken Hooke  Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. 
Dale Hoppers (picture)  WEB SITE   Mission Hills, California, USA. 
Carol Hosch (picture)  Meridian, Mississippi, USA. 
Jim Howard (picture)  WEB SITE   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Keith Howard  Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. 
Denny Howlett  Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada. 
Ursina Huber (picture)  WEB SITE   Triesen, Liechtenstein. 
Wayne Huggins (picture)  WEB SITE   Alvord, Texas, USA. 
Ted Hughes  St Petersburg, Florida, USA. 
Donna Hunt (picture)  WEB SITE   Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Paul Ingis (picture)  WEB SITE   Hillsdale, New Jersey, USA. 

Marianne C. Jackson (picture)  WEB SITE   Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
Michal "Dingo" Jan (picture)  WEB SITE   Brno, Czech Republic. 
Kenny "Little Enis" Jarvis (picture)  WEB SITE   Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 
KO Jeanes (picture)  WEB SITE   Spring, Texas, USA. 
Sandi Jesperson (picture)  Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada. 
Alex Johannisson (picture)  WEB SITE   Donaueschingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Anna Johansson (picture)  WEB SITE   Stockholm, Sweden. 
Jimmy Johnson (picture)  Austin, Texas, USA. 
Vernon Jones (picture)  WEB SITE   Springtown, Texas, USA. 
George Jordan (picture)  WEB SITE   Staunton, Virginia, USA. 
Joyce Juhler (picture)  Riley, Kansas, USA. 

Tim Kane  Molalla, Oregon, USA. 
Brett Kappenman (picture)  WEB SITE   Renton, Washington, USA. 
Kappie and Aileen Kappenman (picture)  WEB SITE   Maple Valley (Seattle Suburb), Washington, USA. 
Arlene Kaspik  Carpentersville, Illinois, USA. 
Hunter Keller (picture)  WEB SITE   Billings, Montana, USA. 
Janolyn Keller (picture)  WEB SITE   Quilcene, Washington, USA. 
Judy Keller and Jim Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Buena Park, California, USA. 
Stefie Keller (picture)  Roedermark, Hessen, Germany. 
Carol and Tom Kelly (picture)  Ludington, Michigan, USA. 
Mike Kelly (picture)   Deceased    Richmond, Missouri, USA. 
Robert W. Kennedy (picture)  WEB SITE   Liberty, North Carolina, USA. 
Jack Kirchgatter (picture)  WEB SITE   Wallertheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 
Michael Kissel (picture)  WEB SITE   Munich, Bayern, Germany. 
Sven Klusacek-Siemens (picture)   WEB SITE   Voerde, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Steffen Knott (picture)  WEB SITE   Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Bob Knowles (picture)  Tehachapi, California, USA. 
Marcel Konath (picture)  Leimen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Marge Kost  Kent, Washington, USA. 
Uwe UKA "KA" Kraemer-AveMarie (picture)  WEB SITE   Mörlenbach, Hessen, Germany. 
Rod Krehbiel  Hutchinson/Pretty Prairie, Kansas, USA. 
Wayne Kubicek (picture)  Owatonna, Minnesota, USA. 
Ed Kuidis (picture)  WEB SITE   Vacaville, California, USA. 

Burl Lally  Wimauma (Sun City Center), Florida, USA. 
Francois J. Lamoureux  Henderson, Nevada, USA. 
Barbara Lassiter  WEB SITE   Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA. 
Stephen Daye Lassiter (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Art Lavigne (picture)  WEB SITE   Hagerstown, Maryland, USA. 
Roy Leber (picture)   Deceased    Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Tommy L. Lee (picture)  Drumright, Oklahoma, USA. 
Walt Leftwich Jr. (picture)  Mount Airy, North Carolina, USA. 
Brian and Audrae Lewis  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 
Janet Lewis (picture)  Brownstown, Indiana, USA. 
Lisa Lincoln (picture)  WEB SITE   Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. 
Harry Lindegren (picture)  WEB SITE   Ronneby, Sweden. 
Jim Lindenfeld  Spring, Texas, USA. 
Jerry Linduff (picture)  WEB SITE   Moore, Oklahoma, USA. 
Dorothy Lowder and Hoyt Brezeale (picture)   Deceased    Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Bob Loyd   Retired    Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA. 
Mike Luna (picture)  WEB SITE   San Jose, California, USA. 
Klaus Lund (picture)  WEB SITE   Aakirkeby, Denmark. 
Bill Lundin (picture)  Vancouver, Washington, USA. 
Melton Lee and Sue Luttrell (picture)  Aledo, Texas, USA. 

Tomas "Doug" Machalik (picture)  WEB SITE   Kladno, Czech Republic. 
Ron Markus (picture)  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Tim Marriner (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA. 
James Martin (picture)   Retired    Houston, Texas, USA. 
Vincent Masciarelli  WEB SITE   Glenside, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Chuck Mashburn (picture)   Deceased    Augusta, Georgia, USA. 
Pat and Wanda McBride  Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. 
Mac McCall (picture)  Fairfax, Virginia, USA. 
Barrie McCombs (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Tom McConahay (picture)  Clayton, North Carolina, USA. 
Richard L. "Rich" and Carolyn McCoy (picture)  WEB SITE   Ossian, Indiana, USA. 
Dale McDonald  Plainview, Texas, USA. 
Michael McDonald and Debbie McClain (picture)  WEB SITE   Lakemont, Georgia, USA. 
Matt McGovern (picture)  WEB SITE   Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA. 
Jim McKinney (picture)  WEB SITE   New Boston, Michigan, USA. 
Nora McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Patrick McKinney (picture)  Spokane, Washington, USA. 
Tom Meehan (picture)  Woodstock, Georgia, USA. 
Tim Merino (picture)  WEB SITE   Oroville, California, USA. 
Miriam "MiMi" Merriwether  Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA. 
Robert Milestad (picture)  WEB SITE   Huddinge, Sweden. 
Bear Miller (picture)  WEB SITE   Denver, Colorado, USA. 
Hal T. Miller (picture)  WEB SITE   Acworth, Georgia, USA. 
Tom Miller (picture)  WEB SITE   Chest Springs, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Dewey Minteer  Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Gunter Hans-Jurgen Monroe (picture)  WEB SITE   Steilacoom, Washington, USA. 
Mary M. Moody (picture)  Branchburg, New Jersey, USA. 
Christina Moreland (picture)  WEB SITE   Aurora, Colorado, USA. 
Glen Morningstar Jr. (picture)  WEB SITE   Highland, Michigan, USA. 
Wes Morris (picture)   Deceased    St James City, Florida, USA. 
Wade "CallerWade" Morrow (picture)  WEB SITE   Lawrence, Kansas, USA. 
Gary Murphy  Lake City, Florida, USA. 
Sharon Murphy  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 
David R. "Doc" and Marcie Myers (picture)  WEB SITE   Wichita, Kansas, USA. 

Ron Nelson (picture)  Chula Vista, California, USA. 
Royce Nelson (picture)  WEB SITE   Bagley, Minnesota, USA. 
Eldon Neudorf (picture)  Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, Canada. 
Debra Newby (picture)  WEB SITE  California, USA. 
Cliff Nichols (picture)   WEB SITE   Bellevue, Washington, USA. 
Theresa Nichols  Spokane Valley, Washington, USA. 
Dan Nordbye (picture)  WEB SITE   Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Marvin "Marty" Northrup  WEB SITE   Clover, South Carolina, USA. 
Stephen Noseck (picture)  WEB SITE stephennoseck   Arlington, Washington, USA. 
Kent Nyman  WEB SITE   Providence, Utah, USA. 

Mike Olivieri (picture)  WEB SITE   Northglenn, Colorado, USA. 
Bente "The ole Lady" Olsen (picture)  Halmstad, Sweden. 
John Orlowski Jr. (picture)  WEB SITE   Madison, Nebraska, USA. 
Paul Ott  Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA. 
Larry Merritt Oversmith Jr. (picture)  Jackson, Michigan, USA. 
Patrick O'Loughlin  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 

Charley Packard (picture)  WEB SITE   Frederick, Maryland, USA. 
Ken "Lucky" and Judy Packer (picture)  Sandy, Utah, USA. 
Margean Passey Viken  Boise, Idaho, USA. 
Elaine Peacock (picture)  WEB SITE   Elk Point, South Dakota, USA. 
Walter R. "Walt" Peterman (picture)  WEB SITE   Woodbridge, Virginia, USA. 
Larry Pfennig (picture)  Bismarck, North Dakota, USA. 
Rachel and Roy Phillips  Groveland, California, USA. 
Tim and Sharon Pilachowski  Severn, Maryland, USA. 
Dave Plume (picture)  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. 
Erik Pluylaar (picture)  WEB SITE   Amersfoort, Netherlands. 
Gary Potratz  Troy, Idaho, USA. 
Jeff Priest (picture)   WEB SITE   Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 
Ronnie and Sherry Purser (picture)  Springville, Alabama, USA. 

Kathy Racine (picture)  WEB SITE   Provo, Utah, USA. 
Ute Rathmann-Greiner  Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. 
Christian Reiff (picture)  WEB SITE   Kirchheim unter Teck, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
Ralf Reinhard (picture)   WEB SITE   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 
Rem and Diana Remington  Lynnwood, Washington, USA. 
Ray Rhea (picture)  WEB SITE   Syracuse, Utah, USA. 
Chris Ricciotti (picture)  WEB SITE   Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 
Richie Rich (picture)  Alvin, Texas, USA. 
Mike Richards (picture)  Cody, Wyoming, USA. 
Howard Richman (picture)  WEB SITE   Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. 
Robert "Bob" and Allynn Riggs (picture)  WEB SITE   Centennial, Colorado, USA. 
Reinhold Roedig  WEB SITE   Mentor, Ohio, USA. 
Suptei Rogers (picture)  Cary, North Carolina, USA. 
Paul Rosenberg (picture)  WEB SITE   Albany, New York, USA. 
Maxwell Rounds (picture)  WEB SITE   Canby, Oregon, USA. 
Sam Rowan (picture)  Bluffton, South Carolina, USA. 
Dick Rueter (picture)  WEB SITE   Farmington, Minnesota, USA. 
Justin Russell (picture)  WEB SITE   Moscow, Tennessee, USA. 
John Ryan (picture)  Ventura, California, USA. 

Dan Sahlstrom (picture)   WEB SITE   Andover, Minnesota, USA. 
Mike Salerno  Topeka, Kansas, USA. 
Magda Sanchez  Reno, Nevada, USA. 
Gary Sanders (picture)  WEB SITE   Houston, Texas, USA. 
Curtis Sarah  Amarillo, Texas, USA. 
Sonya Savell-Jones and Terry Jones-Savell (picture)  WEB SITE   Newalla, Oklahoma, USA. 
Robert Sax  Monroe, Washington, USA. 
Rich & Lynn Sbardella (picture)  Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA. 
Ralph Scheider (picture)  Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. 
Christian Schidler  WEB SITE   Darmstadt next to Frankfurt/M., Hessen, Germany. 
Dana Schirmer (picture)  WEB SITE   Berryton, Kansas, USA. 
Neal Schlein  Eugene, Illinois, USA. 
Daniela Schneider  Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany. 
Ingo Schumacher (picture)  WEB SITE   Emden, Niedersachsen, Germany. 
Jirka "Jiří" Scobak (picture)  WEB SITE   Bratislava, Slovakia. 
Mike Seastrom (picture)  WEB SITE   Tarzana, California, USA. 
Jeff Seidel (picture)  WEB SITE   Valley View, South Australia, Australia. 
Gavin Seim (picture)  WEB SITE   Ephrata, Washington, USA. 
Brian Shannon (picture)  Greenwood, Indiana, USA. 
Gary D. Shapiro  WEB SITE   Santa Barbara, California, USA. 
Terri Sherrer (picture)  Palm Springs, California, USA. 
Noah Siegmann (picture)  WEB SITE   Iron Ridge, Wisconsin, USA. 
Bill Silver (picture)  Calera, Oklahoma, USA. 
Paul Silveria (picture)  WEB SITE   Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Tony Simmons (picture)  Cross Hill, South Carolina, USA. 
Chuck "Square Chuck" and Carla Simpkins (picture)  WEB SITE   Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. 
Ricky Simpson  Carnesville, Georgia, USA. 
Ann Skoe (sko-e) (picture)  Canby, Oregon, USA. 
JP Slater (picture)   Deceased    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Jerry Sleeman (picture)  Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. 
Harry Slocum (picture)  Buffalo, New York, USA. 
Jim L. "Jimmy" Smith and Judy Keller-Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Buena Park, California, USA. 
Roger H. Smith (picture)  WEB SITE   Los Altos, California, USA. 
Allen Snell  Port Richey, Florida, USA. 
Dan Sorano (picture)  Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. 
Stephanie Speelman  Seattle, Washington, USA. 
Speedy Spivacke (picture)   Deceased    Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA. 
J R St Jean (picture)   WEB SITE   Orlando, Florida, USA. 
David Staples (picture)  WEB SITE   Durham, North Carolina, USA. 
Dale Stead  Emporia, Kansas, USA. 
Robert G. "Bob" and Lisa Steele  Santa Clara, California, USA. 
Roy Stevenson (picture)  Lakewood, California, USA. 
Michael Strauss (picture)  WEB SITE   March, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
John Stuart  Festus, Missouri, USA. 
Karen Stuart   Retired    Newcastle, Wyoming, USA. 
Kazy Suzuki (picture)  WEB SITE   Tsukuba, Japan. 
Jim Swanson  Kennewick, Washington, USA. 
Jill Sybalsky (picture)   Deceased    WEB SITE   San Jose, California, USA. 

Jim Tait (picture)  Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA. 
Dan Tapper  WEB SITE   Morristown, New Jersey, USA. 
Matthew Temples and Ramona Stowe (picture)  WEB SITE   Cornelia, Georgia, USA. 
Bob Thomas (picture)  WEB SITE   Del City, Oklahoma, USA. 
John E. Thompson (picture)  Bulverde, Texas, USA. 
Donn Thomson (picture)  WEB SITE   Paradise, California, USA. 
David Todd (picture)  WEB SITE   Blaxland, New South Wales, Australia. 
Ray Tompkins  Avon, New York, USA. 
Vince Treague  Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA. 
David Trout  Portland, Oregon, USA. 
Paul Turner  Tucson, Arizona, USA. 
Tim Tyl (picture)  WEB SITE   White Oak, Texas, USA. 

Thorsten Ueckermann (picture)  WEB SITE   Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. 

Bob van West (picture)  WEB SITE   Florence, Alabama, USA. 
Chuck and Debbie Veldhuizen (picture)  WEB SITE   Sioux City, Iowa, USA. 

Doug Waldren  Lakeland, Florida, USA. 
Piet Walhout Updated  7331 AM Apeldoorn, Netherlands. 
Daniel Walther (picture)  Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany. 
John Wargowsky (picture)  WEB SITE   Marion, Ohio, USA. 
Otto Warteman (picture)  WEB SITE   Trinity, Texas, USA. 
Jim Wass (picture)   WEB SITE   Riverdale, Maryland, USA. 
Glenn Watts (picture)  WEB SITE   Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Dan Weatherby  Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. 
Jerrie Lynn Weatherford  North Pole, Alaska, USA. 
Jonathon B. "Jonboy" Weiner (picture)  Bronx, New York, USA. 
Juergen R. Weissenborn (picture)  WEB SITE   Ammerndorf, Bayern, Germany. 
Dottie Welch (picture)  Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
Tom Welker  Sugar Land, Texas, USA. 
Terry Wheeler (picture)  San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
Brian White (picture)  Houston, Texas, USA. 
Mel Wilkerson (picture)  Tumut, New South Wales, Australia. 
Howard "Rowdy" and Donna Williamson (picture)  WEB SITE   Tyrone, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Andy Wilson (picture)  WEB SITE  California, USA. 
Gene Wilson  Camdenton, Missouri, USA. 
Gary Winter (picture)  Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. 
George and Roberta Wiseman (picture)   Deceased    Noblesville, Indiana, USA. 
Tanya Wiseman (picture)  Noblesville, Indiana, USA. 
Duane Woodmansee (picture)  St. George, Utah, USA. 
Alan Woods  WEB SITE   Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 
Jim Woolsey (picture)  WEB SITE   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. 
Ervin H. "Eaglecaller" Wyatt (picture)  WEB SITE   Montrose, Colorado, USA. 

Gordy and Mary Ann Ziemann  Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA. 
Scott Zinser (picture)  WEB SITE   Portland, Oregon, USA.
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