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There are 3 ways to add a picture to your profile:
  1. The easiest way add a picture is to fill out this form leaving the 'Picture URL' fields blank, then press the blue 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of this form. The resultant screen will contain two blue buttons, 'Upload Picture #1' and 'Upload Picture #2', to immediately upload and link a picture or two to your profile.
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Use the 'Other Information' field to tell the viewer any other pertinent information related to your calling or cueing.

For example:
  • The clubs that you regularly call/cue for.
  • The year that you started calling or cueing.
  • Associations that you belong to.
  • The kind of bookings that you prefer.
  • Your unique specialities or talents (e.g., yodeling, calling for wheel chair groups, etc.).
  • The labels on which you are a recording artist.
  • Your philosophy or slogan about dancing.

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