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Square Dance Caller
calling thru

Round Dance Cuer
cueing thru

Clogging Instructor
Contra Prompter

ACA Member
ACF Member
Callerlab Member
Contralab Member
ECTA Member
GCA Member
Roundalab Member

Recording Artist
Caller Seminars
Accredited Caller Coach
One Night Stands
Community Dance Program (CDP)
Traditional Squares
Line Dances
Country Western Two-Steps
Handicapable Groups
Youth Groups

Festival Sound Service
Music License    Music licensing info

Other Information

Use the 'Other Information' field to tell the viewer any other pertinent information related to your calling or cueing.

For example:
  • The clubs that you regularly call/cue for.
  • The year that you started calling or cueing.
  • Associations that you belong to.
  • The kind of bookings that you prefer.
  • Your unique specialities or talents (e.g., yodeling, calling for wheel chair groups, etc.).
  • The labels on which you are a recording artist.
  • Your philosophy or slogan about dancing.

Please add a few sentences in the 'Other Information' field, but do not write a long biography about yourself. Keep it short. Thank-you.
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  • The PIN field may also contain (case-sensitive) alphabetic characters.
  • To change your PIN, just type a new PIN in the field above.
  • If you forget your PIN, Contact Debbie
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