C3A and C3B Voting
C3 Status Update (09 April 1999)

Voting upon the C3A and C3B changes will take place around the beginning of the year 2000. That is, the voting will occur after the other lists have been updated. The timetable for the lists to be finalized (as set by CALLERLAB's Program Policy Committee) is as follows:
 Basic and Mainstream  June 15, 1999
 Plus  July 31, 1999
 Advanced (A1 and A2)  September 15, 1999
 C1  October 31, 1999
 C2  December 31, 1999
 C3A  to be determined
 C3B  to be determined

In the meantime, please continue to send suggestions and reasons for potential C3A and C3B changes to Vic Ceder

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