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Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
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     Beanie Baby
ID: 165

BirthdateJanuary 22, 2003
Has a TagYes
Original NineNo
PoemI use chopsticks when I eat
But I admit I have to cheat
If I don't hold the sticks just right
It can be a messy sight ! 

Hello Jimi,

I actually don't know what kind of monkey Chopstix is. By the look of how he is shaped I would say probably some type of spider monkey, but I believe spider monkeys live in South America while Chopstix seems to come from Asia. His coloring is very unnatural for a monkey, so its hard to tell exactly what monkey TY based him off of.


I think I emailed your mother about trading
Beanie Babies....I am a teacher whose two
daughters are teachers
-one is 26 and teaching 6th grade science
-one is 23 teaching preschool but is in college and trying
to get an early ed. degree
-I teach adults now...citizenship/ESOL

Do you know what kind of monkey "Chopstick" is?
I have it but can't find out what kind of monkey it is?
Posted by jimi on 20 October 2008     ID: 204
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