Square Dancing at Snellville Middle School

by: Bob and Lorrie Morrison, Callers and Instructors
(first appeared in the Dixie Crier)

The students at Snellville Middle School, Snellville, GA not only learned the basics of Square Dancing, but also learned a part of American history. Square Dancing is the official Folk Dance of the State of Georgia.

Coach Green, Coach Roy, and Coach Jones worked hard to learn the basic calls to be able to help instruct the five hundred students. They were quick to point out any problems, that made it possible for the students to learn each call and receive a passing grade.

The students were offered several ways to extra credit in square dancing over and above just learning the basics. Many students took advantage of this opportunity. Some students were able to raise their grade a level. Two students, Alex Ayers and Kay La Dar Dar wrote a square dance to be called for the class. For writing the dance each student received five points. Kay La called her dance and received an extra five points. These two students did a great job.

Square Dancing teaches many of the requirements that will prepare the student to be an adult. They learn to listen, concentrate, and to react. They learn timing, agility, and coordination. They learn a rhythmic activity. Square Dancing also helps to develop social and emotional growth. Principal, Dr. Moody, made several trips to the gym to follow the progress of the students. We especially thank him for his support. The students learned over thirty basic in ten days.

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