The Community Dance Program:
A chance to continue our future.

People are finding it harder and harder to recruit new student. Today's lifestyles don't give people the time for year long classes. Remember our past, Friday or Saturday night dances open to the public. People got all dressed up for a fun night out. The Community Square Dance was it.

Across the country, open dances on the weekend. Young and old came together to socialize. Easy squares, Lines, Mixers and Ballroom Dancing were mingled together and NO experience necessary. Dance the night away and go along your merry way. If you got hooked, you were invited to join a basement group or an organized class/club.

We have the opportunity to revive our history, bring back "One - Night" of fun to the masses. Get them interested and then hook them into class. [This is what the Two-Steppers did!]. Callerlab has a Community Dance Program Sylabus available to callers to get anyone started. If the country would pull together and Have open dances all over the country and reintroduce dancing to the world - Halls would be full again.

Circle Left!

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I want to thank Marianne for sharing these promotional ideas.

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