Hi-Way Herald
April, 1988

Pack Your Dancing Shoes

Swing Your Partner and Square Dance to Mexico

Good Sam square dancers pair up with your best guy or gal and be apart of Good SamTours first time ever seven-day square dance cruise to Mexico aboard the luxurious cruise ship Tropicale.

Members will not only have the chance to swing their partner aboard the Tropicale, but they will also be treated to the expert calls of Good Sam's own Vanya Leighton, a nationally renowned square dance caller.

The thrill of square dancing at sea, Sept. 18-25, happens twice on the cruise. The first dance is scheduled for the second day at sea, and Vanya, who is fondly called the "hat lady" by her followers, will expertly guide all Good Sam square dancers in intricate circles and turn across the ship's dance floor. In addition, Vanya has another exciting square dance planned on the return trip from Mexico to Los Angeles.

But dosadoes and allemande left square dance steps are only one of the many things Good Samers will be doing.

Once you board the Tropicale at Los Angeles, you will be pampered for two days by an international service staff, and treated to culinary delights three times a day. You'll also have access to duty-free shops, game rooms, a sauna and other amenities on board the ship.

The Tropicale's first stop is at Puerto Vallarta. This seaside resort offers Good Sam fisherfolk the chance to fish for bonito, marlin, tuna and sailfish. Those not inclined toward fishing can tour a Spanish cathedral, the Lady of Guadelupe, or participate in parasailing, horseback riding or just stroll along Playa del Sol, listening to the strains of mariachi bands.

After one day in Puerto Vallarta, the Tropicale sets sail for Mazatlan. This enchanting Mexican resort is the perfect place to pass the time relaxing on a stretch of powder-soft beach. The shopper who loves a good bargain can purchase handcrafted silver jewelry, leather goods and other Mexican crafts.

Then its on to Cabo San Lucas, located at the souther tip of the Baja Peninsula, where passengers will have one last chance to see the picturesque sights of Mexico. At Cabo San Lucas Good Samers can tour unique rock formations that are home to sea lions and other aquatic animals. By evening, a romantic walk along Playa del Amor, the Beach of Love, is the perfect way to end your visit to Mexico.

For more information about Good SamTours exciting square dance cruise call (800) 234-3450.

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