Roy Rogers Square Danced in the Movies

by John Brant

In 1946 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans made one of their most successful movies. Their acting careers were just getting started, television was starting to become in wider use, and square dancing was beginning to enjoy it's post war success. The 1946 film "My Pal Trigger" also featured "Gabby" Hayes. In that film there was square dancing, but on horses. The Sons of the Pioneers provided the music and calling. Roy and Dale, along with a couple of dozen other people, square danced on horses. They did calls such as "circle to the left (or right)" and "join up with your partner". They also did a "figure eight" formation. In 1946 few people knew what square dancing was. Even though the dancing was done on horses, it was good publicity for the soon to be popular dance.

Roy Rogers died on July 7, 1998 at his retirement home in Apple Valley, California.

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