Prevention Magazine mentions
Square Dancing as a healthy activity

by Bob Knowles

In the December issue of Prevention Magazine, on page 23 in the "Mailbag" section was a letter by a lady who turned 40 and was starting to get fit. She also wanted to know what she could do to keep herself motivated into her 50's and beyond. The response was: Have fun! You'll stay more active over a lifetime if you like what you are doing. You can walk in the woods, plant a garden, cycle, or swim, says James M. Rippe, MD. Or try dancing: Line, swing or square dancing can really keep you moving. Another tip: find company. Studies show that if you exercise with a friend, you're more likely to stick with it, says Jack Raglin, PhD.

When we learn to dance, we have to use our brain to understand what is said, and convert this foreign language into something useful. We also move around in a square, and as we learn more and get more confidence, we (hopefully) move faster/quicker.

Do we promote the friendship, energy and fitness posibilities? We could couple this with a healthy diet and of course, consult your physician before starting any physical activity. We really could have something here, if we promote this in the right direction. Maybe we could promote "Dancing for the health of it".

I don't think that we should downplay this. Some will be starting classes, and maybe this could be one way to get new people involved.

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