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PARADE Magazine 3-30-97

With its spins, turns, and arm and leg movements, square dancing can be as good as any other regular exercise activity-and it's not competetitve, so everyone who participates is a winner. (Even moderate levels of physical activity- such as brisk walking-for 30 minutes, three times a week, will provide cardiovascular and other health benefits.) "Square dancing provides the health benefits o fwalking, the mental stimulation of a chess game and the fun of moving to music, all rolled into one, just like an aerobic workout." So says Gordon Goss, editor of the National Square Dance Directory, who calls the pastime "America's best kept secret." There are now about a million dancers in 10,000 clubs in the U.S., Canada and 40 other countries.

For a list of dance clubs and activities, send a check for $11.95 to: National Square Dance Directory, P.O. Box 880, Dept. P, Brandon Miss. 39043

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