(As listed in the book "Dancing for Busy People" by Calvin Campbell)

Couple Handhold - Inside hands joined. Men with palm up, ladies palm down. In the event of a same gender couple, the left-hand dancer places their palm up, the right-hand dancer places their palm down. Arms should be bent at the elbow with hands held slightly higher than the elbow of the shorter person.

Dance Step - Should be smooth and gliding. The ball of the foot should touch and then slide along the surface of the floor before the heel touches the floor. The length of stride should be comfortable for an average height lady. Dance steps should be in time with the musical beat. The objective is smooth gliding steps where the dancers appear to float around the floor with little or no bobbing up and down.

Forearm Grip - Dancers are facing and holding the opposite person's arm midway between the wrist and the elbow. Each dancer places their hand on the inside of the arm of the opposite person. Firm support should be provided, but dancers should not grip the arm tightly. The center of the turn will be where the arms are joined. While turning, each dancer is moving easily around the other.

Handshake Hold - Use a comfortable handshake grip, i.e. firm, but not tight. The thumb should overlap the back of the opposite dancer's hand. It is important in a Right & Left Grand to release hand holds prior to passing shoulders.

Promenade Ending Twirl-Square dancing - Man raises his right hand holding the lady's right hand loosely as she turns clockwise underneath, ending in a squared up couple position.

Skirt Work - With the free hand, pickup the skirt between the thumb and index finger and roll the hand under the fabric. The thumb should be on top of the fabric. Hold skirt in free hand about waist high using very slight rhythmical flourishes to move skirt in front and back, right hand moving with left foot, left hand moving with right foot.

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