A Dream Square Dance Facility

Square Dancers donated time and money to build a dream dance hall.

by Bruce Morgan

For many years it had been the dream of the Whirl & Twirl Square Dance Club (Orlando, Florida) to own its own dance facility and several attempts were made to get something started. Armed with our past experiences and this dream a building fund was established and nurtured over the years. After a long hard search and a lot of hard work our dream finally became a reality.

On January 15, 1995 we celebrated the grand opening of our new dance facility - THE WHIRL AND TWIRL SQUARE AND ROUND DANCE CENTER. From the paneled walls to the floating wood floor the building was designed by square and round dancers for square and round dancers. One to create a unique dancing experience and one that will encourage you to come back time after time.

The building was a warehouse that we completely gutted and rebuilt from the floor up. We have a floating wood floor with 3/8" foam under it. It is a gem to dance on. You can actually feel it give under your weight. The floor cost us $13,000.00. All the money for this was donated by the club members. We only have $11,000.00 invested in the club house over and above the purchase price of the building. The rest was donated by the club members just like the floor was.

We have a great club with about 110 couple members. We have something going on at our club a minimum of 4 night a week. Please visit our web site at http://www.whirlandtwirl.org/ and see what we are all about. If you are ever in the Orlando, Florida area please look us up and come dance a tip or two with us.

We are proud that our club has been in existence for over three decades. Our history has been long and colorful. We are proud of our reputation for providing good fellowship and outstanding calling and cueing. We are now proud to dance in our OWN facility. Know what? Whirl & Twirl is one fine square and round dance club. Don't you wish you were a member?

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