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A Guide To IAGSDC Convention  www.danceinfo.org   by Allan Hurst
Many new dancers are reluctant to attend the annual IAGSDC Convention because they don't know what to expect. This article was written just for them. (Or for any dancer who hasn't attended an IAGSDC Convention before.) This version of the Guide adds photos. Enjoy!
A Partner Rotation For Single Dancers  www.dosado.com   by Judy Anderson  reprinted from The Zipcoder
B.C. Teens Prepare to Compete at the Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival  www.squaredance.bc.ca   by Brian Elmer
Competition in square and round dancing.
Buzz Step Swing  by John Brant
It was more popular in past years but still fun today.
Class Graduation  www.usda.org 
The Graduation Ceremony should be a most memorable event and should be designed to "bridge the gap" between the student and a club member. (PDF document)
Club President Calendar  www.usda.org 
PDF document requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Good Callers: Opinion or Fact  by John Brant
A study done on callers comparing different categories.
Handicapable Square Dancing  reprinted from June 1998 issue of "Dixie Crier"
Tells what Handicapable Square Dancing is and how it got started.
Master of Ceremonies  www.usda.org 
Being an M.C. or giving a speech can be fun if a person understands what is expected of him and has the knowledge of what to say, as well as how to say it. (PDF document)
On Being a Caller's Wife (one woman's view)  by Debi Bliss
A description of what it is like to be a caller's wife.
Sound Effects  www.dosado.com   by Paul Asente
Sound effects for square dance calls.
Sound Enhancement  www.csrds.ca 
We now have the technology to assist those dancer who may have difficulty in hearing.
Square Dance Attire (Abridged)  www.usda.org 
An article "for" the Square Dance Costume. (PDF document)
Square Dance Attire (Unabridged)  www.usda.org 
PDF document requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Square Dance Floats  www.usda.org 
If you or your group decides to build a float, there are several things that must be taken into consideration. (PDF document)
Square Dance Organizations  www.usda.org 
A brief summary of the functions of the major National and International organizations within the square dance movement. (PDF document)
Square Dance Programs...What's the Difference?  www.dosado.com   by Clark Baker
Square Diversity  by Jeff Garbutt
Before changes are made, possible effects need to be considered.
Square Gridlock  by Roy Gotta
Expresses an opinion by some that "pat squares" are causing a problem at events.
Star Tips  mysite.verizon.net   by Charles Young
We see star tips listed on many dance, festival and weekend flyers. But what do we know about star tips?
Stepping Out in Style  by Steve Sandeman
Good styling is good dancing.
Styling Workshop (as listed in the book "Dancing for Busy People")  by Calvin Campbell
A half page article giving styling instructions on 6 common moves.
The Caller?s Partner  by Judy Obee
Timing is Everything  by Calvin Campbell
Skill on the part of the caller and the dancer.
USDA Information  www.usda.org 
Information about the United Square Dancers of America. (PDF document)
Western Style Square Dancing is in trouble  www.tiac.net   by Ralph Sweet
What follows is an excerpt from "let's create 'Olde Tyme' Square Dancing" by Ralph Sweet. It is Copyright 1966 by Ralph Sweet and posted with his permission. Please do not make further copies of it.
Who's Your Partner?  www.dosado.com   by Orlo Hoadley
Partner identification (historical)
Why Attend a Festival or Square Dance Weekend?  by Pat Tardiff
Describes the advantage of attending large events.
Will Square Dancing Just Fade Away?  by Calvin Campbell
Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

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