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Round Dance Cuer web sites    162 records

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04-May-2016 11:57

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Mineko Azuma  Japan   ID: 1460
Judy Ballard-Eades  California   ID: 931
Darwin Barker  Nebraska   ID: 2290
Barry Bartlette  Montana   ID: 69
Mike Callahan  New York   ID: 549
Jerry and Bonnie Callen  OntarioCanada   ID: 1319
John Charman  OntarioCanada   ID: 1099
Andrea Cheng  Taiwan   ID: 2538
Jim and Adele Chico  California   ID: 49
Olga and Bill Cibula  QuebecCanada   ID: 1088
Lorne Clayton  British ColumbiaCanada   ID: 1491
Debbi Cokewell  Michigan   ID: 52
Jeff Cox  Colorado   ID: 1059
Michael Cox  Florida   ID: 75
Clyde Cullings  Michigan   ID: 1891
Ed Czech  Indiana   ID: 2235
Tom Dakers  AlbertaCanada   ID: 2588
Sammy and Ingrid David  HessenGermany   ID: 542
Gus and Lynn DeFore  California   ID: 711
Kenny Farris  Maryland   ID: 1229
Dean Fisher  OntarioCanada   ID: 466
Warren Fleming  QueenslandAustralia   ID: 1589
Jaden Frigo  VictoriaAustralia   ID: 2261
Susanne Geiger and Joerg Jarmuth  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 2061
Peter Gomez  California   ID: 652
Mike Gormley  Florida   ID: 413
Roy Gotta  New Jersey   ID: 819
Åke Grahm  Sweden   ID: 532
Margaret Harris  Florida   ID: 384
Dave Harry  Washington   ID: 743
Terry "Funky" Hebert  New BrunswickCanada   ID: 1996
Tami Helms  Oregon   ID: 1223
Palma Heming  AlbertaCanada   ID: 249
Eric Henerlau  California   ID: 130
David Hinds  Montana   ID: 1332
Ken Hover  New York   ID: 1082
Bob and Lois Huff  Missouri   ID: 45
Peter Humphries  VictoriaAustralia   ID: 1497
Donna Hunt  Pennsylvania   ID: 2567
Jerry Jestin  Texas   ID: 423
Lawrence Johnstone  California   ID: 138
Vernon Jones  Texas   ID: 934
Jetta K. Junk  HessenGermany   ID: 483
Shauna Kaaria  California   ID: 1569
Janolyn Keller  Washington   ID: 2236
Pat and Bob Kelm  Wisconsin   ID: 681
Al and Jane Krol  Illinois   ID: 2103
Fran and Jim Kropf  California   ID: 28
Richard Lamberty  California   ID: 445
Ilona and Stefan Lankuttis  HessenGermany   ID: 2002
Frances Levitt  AlbertaCanada   ID: 112
Ron Markus  Arizona   ID: 374
Peg Millar  New York   ID: 331
Steve Minkin  California   ID: 155
Bill Mudd  Alaska   ID: 1775
Roy Nagy  Pennsylvania   ID: 2252
Bob and Sally Nolen  New Mexico   ID: 2274
Dick Nordine  Florida   ID: 1801
Yukio Oiwa  Japan   ID: 1034
Wayne Pelmear  Michigan   ID: 728
Brian and Darlene Penny  British ColumbiaCanada   ID: 2512
Loet Polak  Netherlands   ID: 1558
Mike Preskitt  Alaska   ID: 1443
Andrea Priest  OntarioCanada   ID: 1058
Ray Rhea  Utah   ID: 1529
Pat Robbins  California   ID: 1349
Jo Saffell  Iowa   ID: 2154
Dan Sahlstrom  Minnesota   ID: 393
Bill Salley  South Carolina   ID: 1678
Osamu Sasaki  Japan   ID: 1232
Christian Schidler  HessenGermany   ID: 906
Mike Seastrom  California   ID: 748
Lee Siegel  California   ID: 517
Miroslav Skorupa  Slovakia   ID: 1768
Dennis Smith  Oregon   ID: 1505
J R St Jean  Florida   ID: 1184
Darren W.H Taylor  VictoriaAustralia   ID: 781
Lisa Wall  Florida   ID: 1661
Jim Wass  Maryland   ID: 199
Anni Weber  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 1358
Wolfgang Weber  Baden-WürttembergGermany   ID: 1357
Roy and Janet Williams  Massachusetts   ID: 2212
Carol Wilson  Nevada   ID: 2147
Jarvis Windom  Wyoming   ID: 967
Annette Woodruff  Belgium   ID: 441
Randy and Rose Wulf  Washington   ID: 2377
Robin Young  Idaho   ID: 68
Bernd Zimmermann  BerlinGermany   ID: 2109

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